New Generation Theatrical Unveils Exciting Ideas

New Generation Theatrical Unveils Exciting Ideas

New Generation Theatrical
has set the stage for two transformative ventures that are rumored to redefine Orlando’s cultural scene. The brainchild of producer Aaron Safer, New Generation Theatrical, celebrated for its recent hit productions such as Michael Knight’s trailblazing comedy “Jesus: Origins” and its contemporary spin on Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night,” is ready to shine a spotlight on its groundbreaking donor program and the opening of New Generation Theatrical (NGT) Studio at Fashion Square Mall.

A New Horizon: The Donor Program

New Generation Theatrical is ecstatic to introduce its initial donor program, representing a monumental stride in its fundraising endeavors. As an Orlando-based nonprofit, the organization is embarking on a dynamic path with a variety of perks for its donors. Contributors can look forward to receiving autographed show posters and exclusive merchandise bundles, while those at higher tiers gain access to unforgettable experiences like a Broadway Trivia Night, a Broadway Karaoke Night, and the coveted chance to secure a Walk-on Role in an NGT production.

To delve deeper into the New Generation Theatrical donor program and participate in this thrilling initiative, please visit

Donations to this program will play a crucial role in solidifying several critical facets of New Generation Theatrical’s mission. These include furnishing free student tickets to their performances, establishing a future paid internship program, and nurturing the creation of groundbreaking original works. NGT remains vigilant in its commitment to providing a minimum wage of $20 per hour to its actors, staff and extending workers’ compensation coverage to all, be they union or non-union members.

Introducing New Generation Theatrical Studio: A Hub of Boundless Creativity

In tandem with the groundbreaking donor program, NGT Studio takes center stage, a remarkable 6,000-square-foot facility nestled within Fashion Square Mall. This state-of-the-art space is expected to become the epicenter of theatrical production in Orlando.

The studio features a dedicated zone for creative endeavors, complemented by a fully-equipped workshop tailored for scenic and prop construction. Furthermore, NGT Studio provides essential office space for the NGT team, fostering an environment that nurtures innovation and collaboration. New Generation Theatrical has further surprises in store for Orlando audiences.

Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Aaron Safer and an insider’s glimpse into NGT Studio in an upcoming segment of “Live Active Cultures.” New Generation Theatrical stands on the brink of a new era, and every moment promises to be unmissable.

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