Must Read Books This Summer | 2022

Must Read Books This Summer | 2022

When we reach adulthood, we don’t read as much as we should. Here are some of our votes for must read books this summer. If you find yourself lucky enough to be vacationing or just with some downtime this summer, pick up one of these must-read books this summer.

The Swimmers by Julie Otsuka Is A Must Read Book This Summer

In Julie Otsuka’s new novel, The Swimmers, is centered around a ragtag group of regulars who show up every day to swim laps in a university pool. One day, a crack appears at the bottom of the pool near the drain, then another, reproducing in spiderlike clusters. When the pool is shut down for safety concerns, the daily rhythm of the swimmers’ lives comes to a halt. The Swimmers is a sleek, genius novel about the value and beauty of mundane daily routines that shape our lives and identities. Jump on in and revel in the distinctive writing style, which has all the characteristics of spoken-word poetry.

Another Must Read Book This Summer Is Book Lovers by Emily Henry

In another person’s romantic comedy, literary agent Nora Stephens plays a villain. As a non-stop workaholic, the hero of the story dumps for a small-town love interest. That is all turned around when Nora’s sister drags her to a little town in North Carolina. Nora’s vacation starts off great, until she runs into an uptight New York book editor Charlie Lastra, whose family owns a struggling local bookstore. As they attempt to outwit each other with taunting, teasing, and some light flirtation, sparks begin to fly.

The Novelist by Jordan Castro Is A Fantastic, Must Read, Book For Summer

Jordan Castro is a novelist, and also plays the role of a supporting character in The Novelist, which in turn is a novel about an aspiring author attempting to write a novel. Did that make sense? Sure, this fiction debut is as transcending as it gets, but that’s just part of its wonderful charm. The narrator of the book, which takes place over the course of one morning, is determined to work on his novel but keeps getting distracted by ordinary, everyday things, like making tea, the Internet, and his need to go to the bathroom. To say this book is odd is a bit of an understatement. However, it’s also funny, well written and intriguing.

Another Must Read Book This Summer Is “All This Could Be Different” by Sarah Thankam Mathews

This is a wonderful tale of friendship as never read before. All This Could Be Different follows Sneha, a 22-year-old consultant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is attempting to build a life for herself in a new city. From dating women, navigating financial stress, and discovering an unlikely group of friends, the novel explores the ups and downs of Sneha’s first few years of adulthood. This is quite the coming-of-age story. Through spotless observations, the author explores the blessing of having people you can count on, who are always there for you throughout new chapters in your life.

The Old Woman with the Knife by Gu Byeong-mo

In the very beginning of The Old Woman with the Knife, “Hornclaw” hunts down her target on the subway while passengers avoid offering her a seat. This beginning of the book really sets its thrilling tone. This novel is a thriller and a dark comedy about a mom-and-pop shop style assassin for hire business.  Essentially a character case study, some moments make a poignant remark of life’s little jabs.

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