Mochi donut chain Dochi to open the location in Mills 50

Mochi donut chain Dochi to open the location in Mills 50

It can be hard to crave something you’ve likely never had. Still, mochi donut makers Dochi do their level best to inspire mysterious tummy rumblings with their colorful social media presence.

Donut Shop Features

The makers of the fusion treat have been teasing locals for months, ever since the first Florida outpost of the chain was announced. Now, we can finally taste what they’re frying up. The donut shop features a wide range of flavors. Recent standouts from their social media posts include maple bacon and matcha pistachio.

Sweet, Gooey, and Chewy!

Mochi donuts are a pleasant cross between the sweet and chewy Japanese rice dessert and the classic American fried donut. Our dochis are fried fresh in a unique donut ring designed to be easily shared. As you bite into the dochi, you will feel a slight crunch on the outside with a soft, and chewy center. They’re glazed with our many exotic flavors and delicious toppings you won’t find anywhere. Mochi Dochi, a local craft donut pop-up specializing in Japanese mochi donuts, has just announced that it will be opening a new location at 1222 E. Colonial Drive.

The concept, founded by childhood friends Jason Le and Frank Phan, began as a pop-up at East End Market in Audubon Park in 2018, and then expanded to Boxi Park in Lake Nona the following year, then opened a small shared storefront on the second floor of East End Market with Royal Tea.

Dochi will feature fresh, in-house-crafted Japanese mochi donuts with flavors that include Ube Glaze, Taro Pebbles, Fererro Rocher, and the Japanese-inspired Matcha Oreo. The brand has also collaborated with local chefs to create limited-edition flavors. Including flavors like the Maple Bacon Glaze, which features house-made bacon from the East End Market stall. The new location in Mills 50 will be at 1222 E. Colonial Drive. Though several opening dates have been announced, they have been postponed. In the meanwhile, a location at East End Market shop opens its doors every Thursday and will continue to sling its beaded donuts throughout the weekend, from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at 3201 Corrine Drive.

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