MICROJIG reaches milestone in effort to end table saw injuries

MICROJIG, the leader in table saw accessories, is celebrating another milestone.1 million products sold. More hands and fingers are protected from injury at a table saw.

M ICROJIG, founded in 2001 with the GRR-RIPPER, has now sold 1 million products worldwide.
Founded in 2001, MICROJIG has since expanded into a global force in the woodworking industry. There are seven distinct product lines in 20 countries, including major U.S. retailers.

“I love woodworking and founded this company in my garage,” said Henry Wang, MICROJIG Founder and Inventor. “I design with the woodworker in mind and think of the hundred different ways our customers will use the product. It’s great to see our customers appreciate our hard work.”

The woodworking community has embraced MICROJIG’s products. These products help woodworkers do the time-honored tasks they need to do to complete their projects. But in a safer, more thoughtful way.

In fact, the company has been recognized numerous times for its innovation. MICROJIG was named a No. 1 brand in the safety category at Rockler, a top woodworking retailer. The GRR-RIPPER and MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamps were named best sellers at Woodcraft, one of the nation’s largest suppliers of woodworking tools.

Five of the company’s seven product lines have also been named No. 1 in their categories on Amazon, including the GRR-RIPPER, ZEROPLAY Miter Bar, MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamps, MICRODIAL Tapering Jig, and MJ SPLITTER.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to serve our global community to the degree we have,” Bruce Wang, MICROJIG CEO, said. “We’re building a future where anyone can participate in the craft safely and empower others to be successful at their passions.”

MICROJIG products are available at major retailers, including Home Depot, Menards, Walmart, Woodcraft and Rockler. As well as on Amazon and on the company’s website, www.microjig.com.

About MICROJIG, Inc.

MICROJIG, the No. 1 brand and product leader in table saw accessories and safety. The company has been introducing innovative solutions to the tool industry for more than 15 years. Their aim is to make it safer and more intuitive for people to succeed at their passions and build their dreams. The company was started in 2001 in an Orlando, Florida, garage by Henry Wang, a woodworking hobbyist who knew there had to be a smarter, safer way to complete his projects.

Since the release of the original GRR-RIPPER, the company has grown to offer seven distinct product lines.

They serve 20 countries and have sold more than 1 million products. MICROJIG continues to engineer innovative solutions. Several of MICROJIG’s products are also No. 1 best sellers on Amazon. Major retailers like Home Depot, Menards, Walmart, Woodcraft and Rockler carry their products. The company objective is to end all table saw injuries, altogether. For more information about MICROJIG, or to find a retailer, visit www.microjig.com.


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