Medellin Burger: Exploring Colombian Cuisine

Medellin Burger: Exploring Colombian Cuisine

Restaurants serve more than just food; they encourage memories and provide a comforting taste of home. Medellín Burger Steak & Bar, situated in Altamonte Springs, perfectly summarizes this sentiment. This unpretentious Colombian eatery boasts picnic tables outdoors and a vibrant interior decorated with colorful murals and floral motifs. It’s not merely a dining spot; it’s a Latin haven displaying a genuine expat atmosphere, where English plays a secondary role. Here, the universal language of hospitality triumphs, and Medellín is fluent in it.

As the name suggests, Medellín Burger Steak & Bar offers an extensive menu dedicated to hamburgers, but it extends beyond that by featuring a comprehensive selection of Colombian classics, many of which display comfort and tradition.

Appetizers And More At Medellin Burger

The appetizers are centered around Latin staples like arepas, empanadas, and tostones. Their chorizo con arepa showcases whole Colombian chorizo sausage, bursting with rich flavors and perfectly seasoned, setting it apart from the crumbled variety often found elsewhere. The accompanying arepas are small cornmeal discs fried to a tasty crunch. Additionally, they offer various empanadas and the chicken empanada contains seasoned shredded meat enclosed in a crispy crust.

Colombians are renowned for their inventive burger toppings, and the signature Medellín burger is a testament to this creativity. It piles mozzarella cheese, avocado, coleslaw, fried potato sticks, fried plantain crisps, and tartar sauce creating a mountain of mouthwatering extras that sit on top of the burger patty. The result is a surprisingly delicious symphony of flavors and textures, with the crispy tostone and potato sticks adding a unique depth. While mustard and pickle lovers might miss their usual tang, those who appreciate sweetness and crunch will savor the Medellín burger. Don’t forget to make it a combo with a soda and a side of perfectly simple fries.

Colombian Hot Dogs

Colombians also have a knack for elevating hot dogs, demonstrated by the hot dog chicharron. This inventive creation features a bun lined with melted mozzarella cheese, cradling a juicy frank, and extravagantly topped with caramelized onions, crispy potato sticks, a drizzle of ketchup, and heavenly chunks of fried pork belly.

Whether you’re longing for flavors from your homeland or a culinary adventurer in search of authentic Colombian tastes, Medellín Burger Steak & Bar promises to satisfy your cravings.

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