Make Way For A New German Scratch Kitchen, Schmankerl Stub’n, In Downtown Orlando

Make Way For A New German Scratch Kitchen, Schmankerl Stub’n, In Downtown Orlando

It’s about time that we opened an authentic German restaurant closer to home. Until now, the most popular German restaurant has been Hollerbachs in Sanford, Florida which is quite a drive from us in Winter Park. Many will be pleased to see the opening of a new German hot spot so close to home. Unfortunately, in order to make room for the new Schmankerl Stub’n German Restaurant, another door must close. The price was paid by Downtown Orlando staple, Neon Beach, which has quietly closed its doors after only being open for three years.

The popular downtown bar and restaurant has served its last meal and will now be turned into the new Schmankerl Stub’n. Neon Beach used to be situated at 131 N Orange Ave. So, obviously, this will be the location of the new German restaurant. Schmankerl Stub’n is a German scratch kitchen that is being spearheaded by the team who created Dan’s Bavarian Takeout and will be serving up “German classics and modern dishes” as stated in their recent Facebook post.

Still Awaiting Details For Schmankerl Stub’n

While there aren’t too many details yet, the news was confirmed in a social media post from both Schmankerl Stub’n and Dan’s Bavarian Takeout.

Neon Beach first opened in the fall of 2020, Neon Beach labeled itself “the beach within reach.” It offered a sandwich menu, tropical cocktails, and lively, Miami vibes. Local reviews compared the vibe to a “vaporwave screensaver.” To patron’s surprise, Neon Beach’s closure was not mentioned through the restaurant’s social media channels. However, it was addressed by posters outside the doors citing leasing issues.

Not The First Restaurant Closure

This news serves as an unsurprising announcement, being one of more than a dozen food-related businesses to close in the downtown Orlando area since 2021.  Some other familiar businesses recently closed in the area include Ace Cafe which lasted a mere six years, Harry Buffalo, and Le Gourmet Break after more than a decade of service to Downtown Orlando Patrons, and the locally famous Irish bar Lizzy McCormack’s, after almost two decades of service. There has yet to be an official opening date set for the new Schmankerl Stub’n.

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