Learn With us Tutoring Program

Learn With us Tutoring Program

Are you having trouble helping your child with their schoolwork? Schools are still cautious about the coronavirus. And a lot of children and young adults are working from home. Look at how this high school student is easing the stress for parents and teachers around the world.

Learn With Us

With covid-19 still lingering, parents and teachers have been stressed about how they can help their child and students catch up and stay on track with school. Since the start of the pandemic, we all have been isolated. Sawhney has come up with a solution. As a senior at Lake Highland Preparatory school, she understands the struggles of homeschooling in the pandemic.

When Did This Program Start?

Back in the month of March, the learn with us tutoring program was created. Sawhney realized quickly that many students doing online schooling were falling behind. The virus was affecting our education systems. So Sawhaney spoke with her peers. Soon enough volunteers to be student tutors had poured in. Now with over 100 tutors around the country helping improve your child’s and teen’s life.

“We are high school students doing this for free we can work with anyone we can connect with them more than teacher or parent can.” Says Sawhney.

Our Talented Tutors

Their tutors range from high school to first-year college students. They are capable of helping teach your children in, public speaking, math courses, English studies, Art classes and so much more.

Neha Mahmood

Is a senior at Doctor Phillips High School and is enrolled in the dual program with Valencia College. Is an active member of her community, and is a member of multiple school clubs.

Kelly Qi

Art & Graphics Director

Is an aspiring artist at Lake Highland Preparatory School. Is the founder of MyArtoon.com and a volunteer artist for United Against Poverty and other organizations.

Anya Chowdhary

New England Lead

Anya is a rising senior at Andover High School. Competes in several activities, including DECA, track, and softball. Is also an avid reader and a volunteer for local homeless shelters.

Gabi Parks

Social Media Officer

Gabi is currently a senior at Lake Mary High School and has joined the social media team with creating posts for our social media accounts.

Reya Patel

Website Manager

Is a senior at Windermere Prep, President of NSHS, IB Diploma Student, Intern for MindSage, and a Teen Ambassador at her library.

How Does the Program Work?

If you are interested in signing up your child or teen for the Learn with our program, here is how it works. First, you are going to go to the Learn with our website and click on sign up. When you fill out the form, LWU professionals match your child with the tutor that fits perfectly for them based on the information given.

The LWU tutor program is connected through zoom meetings. Their team of tutors is all around the same age as the people we are tutoring. It is hard for parents to help their children with schoolwork when they are also working from home. It is hard for teachers to give one on one student help, again, because of isolation.


About Our Individual Sessions

Parents are now able to sign up their children for our one on one tutoring classes. We have all subjects ranging from art to SAT test preparation. The tutor volunteers can help with any subject they are in need of help with. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer tutor, then click here to visit us. Our sessions normally are after school during the normal time of doing homework.

We go through step by step everything the child or teen is struggling to understand. And for those parents who love knowing their child is getting the help they need, depending on the performance of the child, we might assign a little extra quiz to make sure the knowledge sticks with the student. After the sessions, our tutors will also be sending out a recap of the session to you and the student.

Group Sessions: Does Your Child Work Better With Others?

Students can also enroll in our group sessions. At Learn with us, Our tutor volunteers understand every child learns differently. Some alike more than others. So, these sessions are for those who learn better in a group and that can also learn from others. It is important to understand the best way your child learns. If not, they can struggle through not understanding. Students can enroll in any of our group sessions containing all subjects including art, coding, and basic English (for our international students).

International learners

Learn with us is not just for students in America. We have programs for international students. Learn with us program has taught basic English learning skills to elementary students. Not only that, but the LWU program is expanding across the country quickly with 13 states so far in total.

Debate With Us

Debate With Us recruits high school competitors in all events who have national circuit experience to support students without similar experience. Our mentors are trained with comprehensive knowledge, strategies, and techniques

Our Main Mission

Learn With Us is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free tutoring to all K-12 students. Our goal is to help parents and teachers help their children and students.

Covid-19 has given the world a challenge and we are determined to help everyone push through. Especially our future generations. This tutoring program also helps students relate and confide in someone closer to their age. In our program, students can both work one-on-one with a mentor, or attend a group lecture or lesson. Students also have the opportunity to have practice rounds with other mentees to gain experience.

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