Kids House represents hope for victims of child abuse.

Kids House represents hope for victims of child abuse.

Kids House opened its doors on July 31, 1999. Thanks to the help of close partners on the MDT. These strong men and women handle child abuse cases all over the Seminole county area.

Kids House

These child welfare professionals recognized that the then-current system for handling child abuse cases was ineffective and disjointed. Before the establishment of Kids House, when a child victim sought help. They had to engage with several disjointed law enforcement. Medical, and social service agencies spread throughout Central Florida. This unified process forced the child to repeat and relive their accounts of abuse over and over again. Often increasing their distress and trauma. There was an urgent and immediate need to re-think service delivery to serve children better, improve recovery, and prevent future victimization.

Kids House follows the national model for Children’s Advocacy Centers and brings together all involved agencies in one child-friendly, centralized location. Victims of child abuse and their families come to Kids House and find dedicated professionals. These professionals expertly handle all aspects of their case. From report and investigation through treatment and recovery. The highly trained and passionate staff ensures that victims and their families have every possible resource and support to ensure a thorough recovery.

What is a Children’s Advocacy Center?

At CAC, the children speak up and tell their stories what they call a trained interviewer. These Interviewers are important for the child since they know the right questions to ask the kids. These questions are said in such a way that will not re-traumatize the child. These questions also are meant to help find crucial facts within the child’s case or situation.

A team of professionals, including Medical Professionals, Law Enforcement, Child Protection Services, Victim Advocacy, and Prosecution, and other professionals decide together how to help the child based on the interview. These caring professionals rally around the child, so children have everything they need, all under one roof. Additionally, CACs offer evidence-based Therapy that heals kids from trauma and helps them reclaim their futures. CACs also provides medical exams, case management, and other services known as the Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) response and is a core part of the work of CACs.

Kids House is dedicated to preventing child abuse and helping child abuse victims and families by providing coordinated services in a safe, child-friendly environment from report and investigation through treatment and resolution.
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