Jollibee is coming to Orlando 2021!

Jollibee is coming to Orlando 2021!

Popular Filipino fast-food chain Jollibee could be coming to Orlando soon, according to a billboard spotted in town.

Originating from the Philippines, Jollibee is known for its fried chicken – called ‘Chickenjoy’ – and jolly spaghetti. The chain has 1,300 locations across the world and made its way to America in 1998. Billboard reveals Jollibee in Orlando will be ‘serving joy soon’
Posted By Nelly Ontiveros Cervantes on Mon, Jul 19, 2021, at 4:35 pm. Jollibee, the Filipino-fast food joint will open its first location in Orlando and fans are keeping an eye on it.

Filipino-fast food

Jollibee, the Filipino-fast food joint will open its first location in Orlando and fans are keeping an eye on it. The Jollibee that Orlando has been waiting for might open sooner than later. A fan page for the Filipino fast-food chain with a cultish following shared a Facebook post showing a billboard promising the restaurant is getting close. The franchise had announced its move to the UCF-area Chuan Lu Garden space at 11891 E. Colonial Drive earlier this year and hungry fans have kept an eye on the place since then.

Fastest Growing Food Chain!

Jollibee claims to be the largest and fastest-growing Asian restaurant company in the world on its website. The soon-to-be-open Jollibee on Colonial Drive would the first store in Orlando, but there are nearly 40 operating in the U.S. Jollibee is the flagship brand of Jollibee Foods Corporation, the largest and fastest-growing Asian restaurant company in the world. With 37 stores in the United States, 1300 stores across the globe, and many more yet to come, our mission is to spread the joy of eating.

Technomic* has consistently cited Jollibee among its Top 500 ranking restaurants in the United States. The Asian Business League of Southern California awarded us the Multinational Corporation of the Year in 2017. In the USA, they operated 37 stores. Our first opened in Daly City, California, in 1998. Today, you’ll find Jollibee in more locations in California, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Washington, and Virginia. You’ll also find us in Manitoba and Ontario in Canada.

Enjoy Your ChickenJoy!

In each market, Jollibee serve’s up our great tasting food with the warm and friendly service they have come to be known for.
Jollibee is best known for Chickenjoy, which is delicately hand-breaded to be crispylicious on the outside, with a secret marinade making it juicylicious on the inside.

Every day, the customers revel in the joy of Jollibee’s fan favorites which include the sweet-style Jolly Spaghetti and scrumptious Peach Mango Pie made with real Philippine mangoes. Parallel to their mission to spread the joy of eating across the globe, they are all about family. As the chain expands, continuing to forge partnerships with local community organizations to be a catalyst that spreads joy and family values.

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