Into The Woods At The Dr. Phillips Center

Into The Woods Generates Instant Classic Status At The Dr. Phillips Center

Regulars of the Dr. Phillips Center’s Broadway sequence have learned that there’s usually a big difference in talent between NYC and the versions we see in Orlando. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case with “Into the Woods”. Into The Woods sets a new bar for Broadway tours and it truly deserves that title.

Central Florida is one of the lucky 10 areas to house this glorious revival of Stephen Sondheim & James Lapine’s enchanted masterpiece. 97% of the troupe, which includes 17 of the original 18 on-stage actors and almost all of the crew, flew down straight from Manhattan’s St. James stage, where the show closed barely six months ago.

It’s A Wonderland

The presentational production looks like a pop-up storybook for adults, interlacing the Grimm pre-Disney folklore of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, and Rapunzel among others. The bare-bones set of hollow trees relies on your imagination to provide special effects. With such a wealth of top-notch talent, it’s hard to pick a favorite among this delightful collective. Every great fairy tale thrives on its enemy.

This shows best resources are a duo of dynamic performing couples. The baker and his wife, turn these optimistic parents into the protagonists of the play. Their chemistry is so vivid that you can almost reach out and grab it. Their bond’s only competition is that of the bond between Jack the giant slayer and his famous and loveable cow. Jack’s cow specifically earns favoritism among audience members.

Theater Fans Loved Into The Woods

The director rests heavily on the script’s laugh lines during the playful first act. We see this again as we wade deep into the gloomier second half of the production. This play feels much swifter as a result. The winking tone of the uncut score dims the emotional impact of the tragedies in Act 2. This is a production fit for even the most die-hard theater fans. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you definitely won’t be thinking that this production of Into The Woods is in any way inferior to the production you may see on Broadway in NYC. If you were lucky enough to see it. Count your blessings. 

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