Indulge In Sushi Pizza, Burritos, And More At The Newest Culinary Destination In Orlando – Poke Burri

Indulge In Sushi Pizza, Burritos, And More At The Newest Culinary Destination In Orlando – Poke Burri

Embark on a gastronomic journey as Poke Burri and Lifting Noodles, an Atlanta-born Japanese restaurant, opens its doors at 12615 W. Colonial Drive in Orlando’s Winter Garden area. This marks Poke Burri’s inaugural venture into Florida, promising a distinct dining encounter with an assortment of unconventional sushi creations.

Poke Burri Is Set To Captivate Taste Buds

Poke Burri is set to captivate taste buds with its diverse menu, offering classic poke bowls alongside inventive sushi options such as sushi pizza, sushi burritos, sushi donuts, and even sushi corn dogs. For those inclined towards tradition, the restaurant also provides a selection of poke bowls, catering to both the daring and those seeking familiar flavors.

On the Lifting Noodles side, patrons can relish an array of specialty and customizable ramen options. The menu is crafted to accommodate various preferences, ensuring each visitor discovers a dish tailored to their taste. Additionally, the location features a comprehensive bar, presenting an array of beverages from teas to specialty concoctions.

Lifting Noodles Commence Operation

Poke Burri and Lifting Noodles commences operations on Saturday, Feb. 3, at 11 a.m., unveiling a world of sushi innovation to Orlando. To enhance the grand opening celebration, guests can explore the not-so-secret “secret menu” regularly showcased on Poke Burri’s Instagram page, adding an element of anticipation to the dining experience.

A Premier Destination

For sushi aficionados and culinary enthusiasts, Poke Burri promises to be a premier destination in Orlando, delivering a harmonious blend of traditional and avant-garde Japanese flavors. Whether seeking the comforting familiarity of a poke bowl or eager to dive into a culinary odyssey with sushi pizza and sushi donuts, Poke Burri invites you to relish the extraordinary with every bite. Seize the opportunity to be among the first to partake in this culinary adventure unfolding in the heart of Florida.

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