If You Want To Adopt A Pet, Look No Further Than “Sarge”

If You Want To Adopt A Pet, Look No Further Than “Sarge”

Recently a video of a dog struggling to find his forever home in Orlando, Florida has gone viral. Change your life and the life of another; adopt a pet. The video has captured millions of hearts this week after being viewed more than 3 million times.

Albert has been working for Orange County Animal Services for the last five years as a government photographer and content creator. He posts video updates about animals from the shelter on a regular basis. Most of the time he utilizes TikTok for his outreach.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals reports that around 6 million pets enter U.S. animal shelters each year. This includes about 3 million dogs and pups. Out of those 3 million dogs and pups about 2 million are adopted each year. Unfortunately, this means that 390,000 must be euthanized.

Sarge Is The Dog You’ve Been Looking For

Sarge is the shelter’s longest-serving resident, and his story has captured worldwide attention on TikTok. On Thursday, Albert shared a video of the older pup. Sarge is about 7 years old, he has been in the shelter since July 3, 2022 and is, unfortunately, their longest-serving resident at this time.

In the truly heart wrenching video, which has captured millions of hearts online, Sarge is seen in his kennel and the text reads: “POV: You’re the longest resident slowly losing hope because you’re being ignored and not being that desirable dog people want.”

Looking To Adopt A Pet? Sarge Is Your Guy!

Sarge is the longest resident at over 70 days in the shelter. About a year ago, our average animal was struggling to get adopted at 150-200 days. Now, with TikTok and Instagram the shelter has truly been pushing their hardest to adopt each pet out to families that care. One pet at a time.

People took to TikTok to express their concern for Sarge. Some were quoted commenting things like “Hoping you find a loving forever home soon sweet doggie.”

TikTok and Instagram are not perfect platforms. However, they are fantastic tools to show our local community that the shelter really is concerned for the animals in their care. TikTokers responses have been overwhelmingly positive. However, the video does go to a broad audience all over the world. It has worked in the shelters favor so far, getting every animal that they’ve featured adopted.

Just weeks after National Dog Day, Sarge’s story has captured hearts and the video now has over 703,000 likes and more than 7,000 comments. However, in spite of the overwhelmingly positive responses, Sarge still remains available for adoption.

To find out more information about Sarge, you can email AnimalServices@ocfl.net or call 407-836-3111 and reference Sarge’s ID number A496376. You can also view Sarge’s profile here.

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