How to keep your pets safe during hurricane season

How to keep your pets safe during hurricane season

How to keep your pets safe during hurricane season. One family member too often overlooked during hurricane preparations is the one with fur or feathers. But caring for a pet requires some of the same early planning as you need for the rest of the family. Here are a few tips on how to prep ahead for your furry friends during hurricane season.

Bring Them Inside

Bring your pets inside immediately, if possible. During a hurricane, it’s important to remain undercover. Once there has been a hurricane warning issued in your area, or you suspect that a hurricane is building, you should bring your pets inside your home. Giving them shelter alongside your other family members is key to taking care of them during a hurricane.

Find pets shelter elsewhere if you are not home. If you are not home during a hurricane you may need to find it shelter somewhere other than home. Find someone nearby, such as a neighbor, who is willing to take in your pet if you are away from home.

Evacuating During a Hurricane with Pets

The Number 1 instruction for pet owners is to bring your pets with you when evacuating. Pets that help people with disabilities are allowed in General Population Shelters and Red Cross Shelters if they meet the requirements for service animals under federal law.

Help Make them Comfortable

Make your pet as calm and comfortable as possible. It is important to try and keep your pet comfortable and calm while you are taking shelter. Try petting it, talking to it, and giving it items that it is used to, such as a blanket or bed that it typically uses.

Evacuate early. If you are concerned about a storm and the safety of your pets, it is better to be safe than sorry. In addition to erring on the side of caution, getting pets loaded into carriers and then loaded into cars will be much easier when a storm is not at its strongest.

Gather Your Pet Supplies

Have emergency supplies gathered? If you live in a hurricane-prone area, it’s important to have emergency supplies gathered before an incident occurs. An emergency supply kit for your pets includes:

  • One week supply of food and fresh water
  • Medications, if your pets take any
  • Vaccination records and other medical records
  • Pet insurance policy if you have one
  • Photos of your pets, for identification, if they get lost
  • Cat litter and pan, if necessary
  • Poop bags or bags for soiled litter
  • Manual can opener, for canned pet food
  • Food dishes
  • Pet carrier
  • First aid kit and other supplies

Identification Tags

Make sure your pets are wearing identification tags. It is important that your pets are always wearing id tags so that if they are lost during an emergency, like a hurricane, they can be identified by anyone that finds them. This makes it more likely that they will be returned to you if they are found.

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