How To Entertain Your Kids During Quarentine (And Yourself Too!)

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Entertain Your Kids During Quarentine

In order to make the most of “social distancing,” we’ve all been encouraged to stay home for this period of time. We are making sure that all of our Winter Park friends and family stay safe and healthy. However, it’s already been a week(or two!) and you and you’re family already have a case of “cabin fever”. While we are all stuck in this time there are things that you can do to entertain your kids (and yourself too!) Read on for ways to entertain your kids during quarantine for Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Have A Movie Marathon

There is no better time to have a movie marathon at home. Spend some much-needed quality time with the family and watch a movie together. “Frozen”, “Toy Story” and “Lion King” are some of the best films for movie night and they are perfect for all ages. Check out more of the best family movies for movie night.

Visit the Aquarium

You can visit the aquarium from the comfort of your own home! The Georgia Aquarium has different live webcams you can view. Watch the African penguin webcam, jellyfish webcam and the Indo-Pacific Reef fish webcam!

Bake Together

Baking as a family is one of the best ways to spend quality time together. Kids love cookies, cakes, and brownies! Plus, this is a great way to introduce them to making food in the kitchen. Check out some of these easy baking recipes!

Film Tiktoks

Tiktoks are a fun new way to entertain yourself and express yourself. Try a fun choreography or voiceover and share it with friends!

Start Spring Cleaning

While cleaning might not be “fun” it’s a good time for the whole family to get involved in cleaning and organizing. Take out a few minutes a day, even 15 to clean and organize an area of the house.

We hope that you can entertain your kids during quarantine and keep the whole family happy and satisfied. Check back with us on more tips, news and more!


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