High Notes at Home: Piotr Beczała and Sondra Radvanovsky Live in Concert

High Notes at Home: Piotr Beczała and Sondra Radvanovsky Live in Concert

High Notes at Home: Piotr Beczała and Sondra Radvanovsky Live in Concert, Nightly Opera Streams, and More
Saturday, January 23, 2021 (PST) @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

The Metropolitan Opera

A night at the opera

Opera’s greatest stars perform in a groundbreaking new series of pay-per-view recitals in striking locations around the globe. Each lives via satellite and shot with multiple cameras. While the Metropolitan Opera House remains dark because of the ongoing health crisis, Met Stars Live in Concert will allow audiences to experience extraordinary solo and duo performances by top singers.

These are all streamed live online. From such locations as a former abbey in Bavaria, a Norwegian castle, an outdoor terrace on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, a church in Wales, and a historic mansion in Washington, D.C. The series marries the intimacy of the Met’s virtual At-Home Gala with the high production value of the company’s Live in HD series of cinema transmissions.

Grab your tickets now!

Tickets for each concert are $20. The performances will remain available on demand for 14 days. Each concert will run approximately 75 minutes. In this new initiative “Met Stars Live in Concert Series”, opera’s greatest stars perform in a groundbreaking new series of pay-per-view concerts in striking locations around the globe, each life via satellite and shot with multiple cameras.

Opportunities for our artists

“This new initiative is intended to create live performance opportunities for our artists and our audiences.  At a time when they both sorely need it,” said Peter Gelb, The MET’s General Manager. “Although some concerted activity is beginning to take place once again in some parts of the world. This is a chance for opera fans to experience their favorite stars in real-time. Since it’s going to be a long time before artists and their audiences are fully mobile again.” Gelb also noted that the performances are being set in picturesque locations, without audiences present in the venue.

“We think it will be more satisfying for the performers. As well as the thousands who will be watching at home. Not to experience these performances through the eyes of a socially distanced audience.”  Scroll down to the opera you want to watch and click on the name of the opera.

Streaming Time

Remember: it will only be available for free streaming the day listed, starting at 7:30 p.m.Then until 6:30 p.m. the next day. If you click on one that is not currently available. It will give you information about the opera, but will not be available for free streaming. So, only one opera at a time will be available for free streaming. Although there will be links for each opera. You might also see a button that says “Watch Now” on the Metropolitan Opera’s home page. That one will stream the currently available opera.

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