Hawaiian And Filipino Food Truck Opens Its First Physical Location In Orlando | 2022

Hawaiian And Filipino Food Truck, Over Rice, To Open Its First Physical Location In Orlando | 2022

A local Hawaiian and Filipino food truck will be opening its first physical location in Orlando. Over Rice is a popular, local, food truck that has been serving the Central Florida area for the last decade. Over Rice specializes in Hawaiian and Filipino cuisines. Needless to say, Orlando is loving it! Finally, the time has come for Over Rice to open their first physical location.

Over Rice was founded by Joel & Mayra Paoner back in 2011 and has survived over a decade in the Orlando area. Not only has Over Rice survived but they have thrived! Now, the popular food truck is a soon-to-be restaurant. Over Rice specializes in traditional Filipino and Hawaiian dishes, featuring two main dishes. The first dish is a traditional Filipino lunch plate. This meal includes, pancit, lumpia shanghai, and an option of either pork or chicken. Their second dish is a Hawaiian dish which is served with jasmine rice and ona mac. This dish also has the option to add pork or chicken.

Over rice is more than just food for the owners. They want Over Rice to emulate friendship, culture, and family. Food is a common denominator for everyone, no matter who it is. Joel and Mayr hope you enjoy their traditional family recipes, and they want you to come on in and spend some time enjoying a home cooked meal.

Where Is Over Rice’s New Location?

The new brick-and-mortar Over Rice location will be adding even more Filipino and Hawaiian plates. The new options include items such as Turon, which is a banana-based dessert from the Philippines, and Loco Moco, which is a meat-based staple from Hawaii.

If you want to get your hands on some Turon, Loco Moco, or any of Over Rice’s popular dishes, you can visit their new spot at 1084 Lee Rd in Orlando. This is information that Over Rice has recently shared on their Facebook profile. The new location will be 1200 square feet and offers indoor seating only.  If you want to keep up with Over Rice, click the buttons below to visit their Social Media pages and give them a follow.

When Will The New Location Be Open?

The owners truly believe that now is the perfect time to open a Hawaiian & Filipino restaurant, considering that the local citizens have become familiarized with the food of other cultures. This is all thanks to Orlando’s booming culinary scene. Joel & Mayra are hoping to have their new Over Rice location up and running by November 2022. Until then, you can still visit Over Rice or place a to-go order on their website by clicking the button below.

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