Halloween Already? Learn Why Humans Love A Good Scare!

Halloween Already? Learn Why Humans Love A Good Scare!

As the years have gone by, it seems as though society’s excitement for Halloween grows more and more.

While large groups of people start celebrating in September, there are individuals who buy their decorations and plan their costumes all the way in August. Simply the subtle hint of crisp air and people are dragging their skeletons out of the closet. So, why is it that people prepare so early for a spooktacular time? Take a peek on why the spooky things at night, gives us chills sweet enough to eat a whole tub of candy!

People have cultivated and become infatuated with the activities and overall feelings associated with fall, things such as pumpkin carving, hayrides, earth-tones, haunted houses, sweater weather, apple cider and the changing leaves of the season. People associate fall with these ideologies and pastimes; one in which people can spend time with friends and family and schedule a last hurrah before winter leaves the landscape desolate.

Facts First! Why Do We Enjoy the Scare factors Of Halloween?

In addition to working through uneasiness about death and supernatural mysteries, people like to feel frightened for purely biological reasons. When you watch a scary movie or take a ride on a roller coaster, your brain triggers a fear response. Your body releases adrenaline and other hormones that provide extra energy to deal with the situation.

When you’re actually in danger, of course, you don’t enjoy the feeling of these hormones, you simply use them to fight, escape or take some other action. When the danger is simulated, though, your mind knows you’re actually safe and you enjoy the energy that the hormones give you. Intentional, contained fear is fun because it provides a hormone rush and helps you work through your general fears in a safe environment.

Fear is a funny thing in the modern world!

“When we’re in a safe place, we can interpret that threat response as we do any high arousal response like joy or happiness,” says Margee Kerr, a sociologist and author who specializes in fear. “The response is triggered by anything unpredictable or startling. But when we’re in a safe place and we know it, it takes less than a second for us to remember we’re not actually in danger. Then we switch over to enjoying it. It’s a kind of euphoria. That’s why you see people go right from screaming to laughing.”


Just To Exciting!

Halloween is one of the top most celebrated holidays in the country. Everyone has their own sweet and scary version of what they feel Halloween means to them. There are Makeup tutorials, costume ideas, and horribly delicious Halloween recipes all over Tik Tok, Instagram and Facebook Meta! IN AUGUST! So why are people so excited to reach this celebration of the dead? In a Nutshell, you really have to prep if you want the perfect Halloween. Almost as Christmas is to the winter, ,Halloween is to the fall.

Tell Us Time!

Despite closed movie theaters and delayed film schedules, the horror movies of 2021 — such as the slasher Candy man, the psychological horror Last Night in Soho, and the folk film Lamb- delivered scenes that made our blood run cold. And so far this year, the fright factor has not disappointed. Fresh, out now, has fueled fears of modern dating, while Scream reintroduced one of the most infamous characters in horror movie history. Suffice to say, scary movie fans everywhere maintain high expectations for the remainder of 2022.

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