Gregory Archery Is The First Mobile Archery Range In Winter Park, Florida

Gregory Archery Is The First Mobile Archery Range In Winter Park, Florida

Gregory Archery is the first Mobile Archery Range in Winter Park, Florida. Winter Park, and Central Florida in general, is in short supply of archery ranges and instructors. Mason Gregory, owner of Gregory Archery saw this as an opportunity. With a passion for archery and archery instruction he decided to open the first mobile archery range in the area. With convenience being a top priority for food delivery services, dog groomers, and even mechanics, Mason Gregory realized that providing archery lessons in a mobile format would be the most convenient for our local community. This convenience allows Gregory Archery to serve people interested in the art of archery even when they’re unable to attend on site instruction.

"I love archery and wanted to share my passion for the sport. It’s a blessing to be able to wake up each day and do what I love to do, while teaching others to love it too.” – Mason Gregory, Owner

Gregory Archery Is Certified

Coach Mason is the owner and head coach of Gregory Archery. He is currently ranked 3rd in the state of Florida and 102nd in America for his division. All members of Gregory Archery are USA Archery and U.S. Center for SAFESPORT certified. Each instructor is background checked and undergoes a rigorous screening process.

Gregory Archery also works with Orange County Public Schools and volunteers with the OCPS Partners In Education program. Ask your children’s school about Gregory Archery’s after school programs which are offered at a handful of local elementary and middle schools. Follow Gregory Archery on social media to keep up with the schools they’ll be teaching archery at. 

A Brief History Of Archery

Archery is a sport that dates back thousands of years. Well before the modern version that we know and love today. Now, we have high-tech equipment and different shooting styles and techniques. The first composite bow is thought to be about 2800 years old and produced by the Egyptians. These early bows were traditionally made from wood and animal horn, held together by sinew and rudimentary glue. These composite bows required two people to operate and shot 400 yards to penetrate armor. Luckily, at Gregory Archery, you won’t be needing an extra set of hands to learn how to become an archery expert.

Archery Lessons And Events

Each 1-on-1 professional archery lesson is an hour long unless otherwise specified. Once-per-week lesson programs are also available and highly recommended if archery is a sport that you’re serious about getting involved with. Let the professionals at Gregory Archery train you in preparation for your own gold medal or for just a bit of fun and exercise.

Birthdays and Events can be two or more hours depending on your specific needs. Coach mason is also excited to announce that Gregory Archery has recently added Archery Tag to their list of services which is completely safe and a ton of fun for all ages. They will provide all equipment needed at no extra cost. If archery is something that you’re interested in or if you have any questions, you can call or text Coach Mason directly at (321) 316-8452.

Looking for an out of the box Christmas gift idea? Speak to Gregory Archery about lessons as gifts for the aspiring archer in your life. You’re sure to nail your target.

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