Grand Opening Of Selfie WRLD Xtreme: A Selfie Adventure Like Never Before!

Grand Opening Of Selfie WRLD Xtreme: A Selfie Adventure Like Never Before!

Get ready for an extraordinary experience unlike any other as Selfie WRLD Xtreme takes Orlando, Florida, by storm on December 16th, 2023. Located at 9320 S Orange Blossom Trl, Suite 101, Orlando, FL 32837, this one-of-a-kind Seflie WRLD location is set to redefine the world of selfies. Selfie WRLD Xtreme is not just a selfie studio; it’s an Xtreme concept brought to life by the Selfie WRLD national brand.

What Is Selfie WRLD Xtreme?

Selfie WRLD Xtreme is the latest addition to the growing Selfie WRLD family, and it promises to be the most exhilarating yet. As the first Xtreme concept on the globe by Selfie WRLD, this Orlando location will offer an entirely new dimension of excitement and adventure for selfie enthusiasts. It’s where cutting-edge technology and creative design come together to create the ultimate selfie experience.

The Grand Opening: What To Expect

On December 16th, 2023, the grand opening of Selfie WRLD Xtreme will transport visitors into a world of adventure and imagination.

With themed rooms that cater to all tastes, Selfie WRLD Xtreme provides a wide variety of backdrops for your selfies. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a fantasy lover, there’s something for everyone at this cutting-edge selfie attraction.

How To Get Your Selfie WRLD Xtreme Tickets

Tickets for the grand opening day and subsequent visits can be booked at the Selfie WRLD Xtreme website HERE. Be sure to secure your spot in advance, as this thrilling attraction is expected to draw selfie enthusiasts from all over the country.

Why Choose Selfie WRLD Xtreme?

Selfie WRLD Xtreme takes the art of selfie-taking to a whole new level. With state-of-the-art technology and stunningly detailed sets, it offers an unmatched experience for both amateur and professional photographers. The interactive nature of the attraction ensures that every selfie tells a unique story, making it the ideal place to capture unforgettable memories.

The grand opening of Selfie WRLD Xtreme in Orlando, Florida on December 16th, 2023, is set to be a groundbreaking event in the world of selfies. This Xtreme concept by the Selfie WRLD national brand is a testament to the evolution of the selfie experience. Don’t miss out on this adventure – book your tickets now at and prepare to embark on a selfie journey like no other. Selfie WRLD Xtreme awaits you!

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