Get Free Wi-Fi Service In And Around Downtown Winter Park

Now you don’t have to use up your data! The city of Winter Park is rolling out a free Wi-Fi in Winter Park and around Central Park, Shady Park and around the downtown area. The Wi-Fi is provided by the Community Redevelopment Agency.

About Public Wi-Fi

To access free public Wi-Fi, you need to find the  “City of Winter Park Wi-Fi by Frog” in your Wi-Li list. You can also scan a QR code which will show a temporary signage through accessible areas and digital kiosks.

How to Protect Yourself Using Public WI-FI

Connecting to a public Wi-Fi network can put yourself at risk for attacks. There are a few ways that you can safely browse the web while you are in public. Public WI-FI networks are less secure than your personal, private network. The reason why it is not as safe to use is that you don’t know who has set it up or who else is connecting to it. Whether you are in a coffee shop or park, you might put yourself at risk for hackers. Here are a few things you can do to ensure that you stay safe on public WI-FI networks.

Use Websites that are HTTS Only

When you access web browsers, make sure that the website you are using starts with “HTTPS” instead of “HTTP”. An HTTP website will also be labeled as “Not Secure”. When you browse those sites, people can peak at your personal data.

Don’t Use Airdrop or File Sharing Programs

If you do use Airdrop or file-sharing programs, tread lightly. Make sure that you go into your settings and choose the option “Allow me to be discovered by: No One”.

Use A VPN (Virtual Private Network)

By far the most effective trick for staying safe on public Wi-Fi is to install a VPN or Virtual Private Network client on your devices. It encrypts data traveling to and from your laptop or phone, and hooks you up to a secure server—essentially making it harder for other people on the network, or whoever is operating the network, to see what you’re doing or grab your details.


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