Furby Fans Freak Out over the new 25th anniversary design

Furby Fans Are Freaking Over The New 25th Anniversary Design!

If you were a child in the late 1990s, you were probably familiar with Furbys. Similar to popular toys like Pokémon, Power Rangers, and Barbie, they created quite a buzz and have been around for nearly 30 years now.

Furby History

Hasbro recently announced the release of a new Furby, marking the first time in almost seven years. Although it may have been a while since you last thought about Furby, the toy that resembles a genderless combination of an owl and a hamster with expressionless, human-like eyes, can be best compared to Mogwai from the 1980s film “Gremlins.”

Since its debut in 1998, 58 million Furbys have been sold, and this animatronic novelty has maintained a dedicated fan base. It has remained relevant in pop culture, with its face being superimposed on various celebrities and objects, and making appearances in shows like “The Simpsons” and movies like “Uncut Gems” and “The Mitchells vs. the Machines.”

New Additions To The Furby

Hasbro has unveiled a new line of Furbys that will be released in July at a price of $70. Like previous versions, these Furbys will speak Furbish, their unique language, but they come with some interesting new features. One of them is the ability to repeat what is said to them. They can also dance, play soothing music, and offer positive words to their owners.

Some Are Comparing The Furby To Megan!

Addressing previous controversies surrounding Furby, Hasbro ensures that the new toy can be turned off and no longer connects to Wi-Fi, as stated on its Amazon page. The refreshed Furby comes in purple and coral colors and boasts a more whimsical appearance. It includes more features than the original version, such as 600 phrases, five voice-activated modes, and various lights and dance moves.

Some people are drawing comparisons between the Furby and the character Megan, given their music and empathy-related features and the timing of their releases. Although the redesigned Furbys are much cuter, they still have the big eyes that contribute to the “creepy” reputation that has followed the toy for years. While lacking Wi-Fi connectivity is seen as a positive aspect, these Furbys can communicate with each other, similar to the killer doll in the movie “Child’s Play.”

Where to buy the new Furby

The toy is now available on Amazon for $69.99 and will become available in stores and at other major retailers on July 15. It is yet to be seen if the craze that drove parents to purchase 1.8 million Furbys in the final months of 1998 and, ultimately, 40 million within three years, can be replicated.

“For the brand’s 25th anniversary, we wanted to ignite the same excitement for this new generation by harnessing Furby’s power of nostalgia while giving Gen Alpha everything they crave,” said Kristin McKay, Vice President and General Manager, Hasbro fashion & preschool.


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