Full Sail University Collaborates with Historic Orlando-Based Wells’Built Museum

Full Sail University Collaborates with Historic Orlando-Based Wells’Built Museum

Full Sail University is proud to collaborate alongside the Wells’Built Museum of African American History and Culture through an ongoing restoration project where students and educators are working alongside museum staff to digitally restore historic photographs, documents and more. Formerly known as Wells’Built Hotel, the space was converted into a museum housing memorabilia of Orlando’s African American community and welcomes visitors year-round.

“Working in collaboration with the Wells’Built Museum is a unique opportunity for our students to make an impact in the Central Florida community,” said Jessica Henlon, Director of Student Development at Full Sail University. “Being able to integrate Full Sail’s technical abilities with this one-of-a-kind historical space’s need for preserving such valuable assets is a game changer.”

With a focus on providing students with hands-on project-based educational opportunities, education leadership at Full Sail found ways to incorporate the restoration project into the seams of relevant courses in several degree programs. Full Sail’s innovative approach to education allows students across various degree programs to learn through real-world opportunities.
“Over the past few months, we have gone to Wells’Built Museum in an effort to restore multiple historic documents and photos,” stated Eric Rosenfeld, Program Director of Graphic Design and Digital Arts & Design at Full Sail University. “This is a great opportunity to show our students that art is meaningful and that it has the power to connect the past to our present.”

Wells’Built Museum’s Museum Educator, Katrece Pitts stated, “I want to thank our collaborators at Full Sail for their contributions in helping to restore some of our historic artifacts at the Wells’Built Museum. It has been great seeing Full Sail’s faculty, students, and staff come together to bring history to life through their access to the appropriate tools, technology, and knowledge. The Central Florida community and beyond will benefit from Full Sail’s contributions.”

In addition to the photo restoration project, the Wells’Built Musuem and Full Sail University look forward to engaging in continued collaborative opportunities.

About Full Sail University

Full Sail University is an award-winning educational leader for those pursuing careers in entertainment media and emerging technologies. Founded in 1979, Full Sail has received numerous accolades throughout its 45-year history, including most recently being named a 2023 “Top Game Design School” by The Princeton Review, and recognized as the 2022-2023 “School of the Year” by the Florida Association of Postsecondary Schools and Colleges.

Full Sail University is a graduate and undergraduate degree-granting institution offering on-campus and online degree programs in areas related to Art & Design, Business, Film & Television, Games, Media & Communications, Music & Recording, Sports, and Technology. With over 96,353+ graduates worldwide, Full Sail alumni have worked on countless award-winning projects with individual recognition including Oscar®, Emmy®, Grammy®, Addy® and The Game Award honors.

About Wells’Built Museum of African American History and Culture

Wells’Built Museum of African American History and Culture, formerly known as the Wells’Built Hotel, was built by Dr. William Monroe Wells in 1929. Originally, Wells’Built served as a haven for African Americans during an era of segregation when accommodations were scarce. Now, after reopening in 2001, the historic institution allows visitors to immerse themselves in the stories, artifacts, and heritage that have shaped Orlando’s diverse and dynamic past. The Wells’Built Museum stands as a testament to the perseverance of Orlando’s African American community, making it an ideal destination for cultural exploration throughout the year.

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