Florida Dogs Displaced By Hurricane Ian Arrive In Nashville, Tennessee

Florida Dogs Displaced By Hurricane Ian Arrive In Nashville, Tennessee

Man’s best friend has found a new home as Florida dogs displaced by hurricane Ian arrive in Nashville, Tennessee. Unfortunately, some shelter animals, specifically Florida dogs displaced by hurricane Ian, have arrived at their new home in sunny Nashville. Two separate animal rescue organizations have teamed up to help our furry friends amidst the latest woes experienced by the state of Florida. Now, some of our cuddly Florida pups will be calling Nashville home.

A partnership between “Best Friends Animal Society’s disaster response team” and “Agape Animal Rescue” is helping clear Central Florida shelters to make room for Florida dogs displaced by Hurricane Ian.

How Many Florida Dogs Have Been Displaced By Hurricane Ian?

Agape has said that they are relocating around 20 of the overwhelmingly large inventories of 300 adoptable dogs to from Orlando to Nashville. However, of the rescued dogs are medically fragile with heartworms and other serious ailments. This has posed serous issues while transporting our canine companions.

Agape is currently looking for additional foster families and donations, desperately. Deployment and the dogs’ medical care expenses are expected to surpass $15,000.

A GoFundMe Has Been Set Up To Help With This Effort

If you’re feeling generous, please donate to the GoFundMe page that has been set up.
You can do so by clicking HERE.

This foster-based animal rescue serves the Central Tennessee area. However, they have made a commitment to help other states in crisis. This comes after witnessing the support the Nashville area received following a catastrophic flood back in 2010.

The Agape team was forced to hit the road to assist families and pets during the hurricane Ian catastrophe. Clearing out shelters, which were overpopulated before the storm, provides opportunity for families to re-unite with their displaced pups. Hopefully, Nashville will rally around these families and support the Agape mission.

Be sure to do your part to help Florida dogs displaced by hurricane Ian. Please visit the shelter’s website HERE for further information on how you can make a difference by donation or becoming a foster family.

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