Florida Author writes children’s book series: Ken Bowser

Florida writer writes children’s book series

Jesse Steam is a new five-book children series. Kids will go on a mysterious and fun adventure with Jesse Steam as she explores ” The Case of the Clicking Clock” or ‘ the Secret in the Jelly Bean Jar” Continue reading to learn about one of the most creative writers of Florida, Ken Bowser. Help inspire your children with these fun, entertaining, and educational book series.

A creative writer

Ken Bowser writes and illustrates all of his original stories, books, and pictures. He has also created and worked on titles for others as well. Ken Bowser’s work has appeared in countless newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals.  He is the creator, writer, and illustrator of an internationally syndicated humor panel and has authored and illustrated a widely distributed newspaper culinary/recipe column. Ken is married, has two children, and works out of his home studio in Winter Park, Florida. You can learn more about him on his website, kenbowser.com.

Being A Children’s Book author.

Ken Bowser takes his writing seriously. HGis main passion is to help teach and educate children through the love of learning is his biggest goal. Having children, he understands the importance of child education and growth. Technology these days has not entirely done the job. Plus there is no better parent-child moment than reading a book before bedtime. That’s where Ken Bowser’s children’s series falls into place. These books are meant for children in second grade up to fifth-grade reading levels. Although anyone is welcome to enjoy his writing and illustrations.

Contact Today to get your series

If your interested in reading this series to your children, giving it as a gift, or just want to help others enjoy this children’s book series or other publications of Ken Bowser, you can purchase the series at the links below.

If you liked this series by Ken Bowser then stay tuned for his next series of children’s books coming out on June 1, 2021. Some of these titles include The Question of the Vomit Vortex, The mighty lever endeavor, The Hint in the Peeping Pupil, and The microscopic snot debacle.

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