Five Best Halloween costumes of 2022

Five Best Halloween Costumes of 2022

So, it is basically Halloween, and you don’t have a costume yet—but you’re in luck, because 2022 gave us about a million pop culture costume ideas.

Park Ave Magazine has rounded up the topmost popular pop culture Halloween costumes for you. But keep reading to also find out some of the internet’s ranked most Horrid Halloween costumes. They are so scary…would you dare to dress up in these?

Starting With The Best First, Eddie Munson: Stranger Things

We all loved and treasured the Stranger Things Netflix series and who better to dress up in then now legendary, Eddie Munson! This character has had the top ranked seen in Netflix history.

Who can ever forget the ridiculously cool Metallica guitar solo? This costume is number one under Halloween costume ideas. So go and get a popular Hellfire Club tee and a frizzy brunette wig (bonus points if you can get your own hair to be that voluminous), grab your electric guitar (or you can get an affordable one at your local Music shop) and have some Halloween fun with your awesome nerdy friends.

Chrissy Cunningham: Stranger Things

Now I know we just spoke about the popular Eddie Munson, but let’s take it another direction, while still talking Stranger Things. “Chrissy WAKE UP!” That’s right Chrissy Cunningham is top two on the most popular Halloween costumes list. With her classic green 80’s cheerleading outfit and slick back ponytail, Chrissy has become a new trademark Halloween favorite. If you wear this costume, be sure to check your lights for Vecna!

Evelyn Quan Wang: Everything Everywhere All At Once

Michelle Yeoh’s character kicks butt in this movie, and there are approximately a million costumes to choose from to inspire this Halloween costume. The simplest outfit we could suggest would probably be the floral top, plum-colored vest, and googly eye (plus glasses on a chain!) she spends a chunk of the movie wearing. Or you could always go as Deirdre Beaubeirdre (Jamie Lee Curtis) in a frumpy wig and vest! Really lean in, you know what I mean.

Penelope from Bridgerton

Give Lady Whistledown and the ton something to really talk about by going all out and channeling your most extra self this Halloween. We’re talking elbow-length gloves, corsets, and lashings of jewels. Season 1 Penelope may have been all about yellow, but season 2 Penelope was all about pink.

As Penelope’s role as Lady Whistledown evolved in season 2, so did her style. For this costume to truly work, you absolutely can’t forget all the adornments and accessories. Use gilded hair pins and floral-themed jewelry to take her look from every day to evening. To get Penelope’s signature falling tendrils, curl your hair then pile and secure on top of your head before setting with some hairspray.

Top Gun: Maverick

Everyone on Earth is going to dress to this theme, Top Gun Maverick was one of the topmost anticipated movies in 2022. So, wouldn’t it make sense for a lot of our young men to dress up like this one-of-a-kind hero?  But if you’re a true OG, dressing like Val Kilmer’s character: Ice Man, in the first Top Gun movie, would provide a historic Halloween for sure!

Abbott Elementary

this is as much a recommended TV- and movie-watch list as it is a list of pop culture costumes you could use for Halloween: Abbott Elementary is awesome. Also, dressing up like a very stressed, very cute teacher—literally any of Janine’s outfits on this show—would be impossibly easy peasy!

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