F&D Wood Fired Italian Kitchen Is Far From A Simple Pizza Place

F&D Wood Fired Italian Kitchen Is Far From A Simple Pizza Place

Nestled in the heart of Winter Park, Florida, F&D Wood Fired Italian Kitchen stands as a testament to what passion, experience, and creativity can do for local Italian cuisine.  F&D Wood Fired Italian Kitchen offers a warm and inviting atmosphere that sets the stage for an unforgettable night out. From the moment we stepped through the door, Chef Michael and Kristen extended their kind hospitality, making us feel like treasured guests in their cozy and chic Italian spot—a perfect haven for intimate dinners.

Our culinary journey began with the remarkable Meatballs, each a quarter-pound of perfection crafted from a harmonious blend of beef and sausage, swimming in their house-made marinara sauce. With the artisan-crafted balance of flavor, these melt-in-your-mouth meatballs are the perfect way to start off any Italian meal. The flavors were impeccably seasoned, and the real showstopper was the marinara, a homemade masterpiece that elevated the dish to new heights.

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F&D Wood Fired Italian Kitchen Has Changed Chicken Caesar Salads For The Better

Moving on to the Chicken Caesar Salad, the commitment to quality ingredients shone through. Romaine hearts, house-made Caesar dressing, house-made croutons, and grana padano cheese came together in a fresh and flavorful culmination. The in-house crafted Caesar dressing was unmistakable, demonstrating a dedication to excellence and attention to detail. This is one Caesar salad that you’ll enjoy looking at as much as you enjoy eating it. This dish also provides a boost of clean energy that leaves you feeling remarkable for the rest of the day.

Not Just Pizza, But They Meticulously Craft Those As Well

The pizzas at F&D Wood Fired Italian Kitchen are culinary works of art. The Mushroom Spinach Pizza with a ricotta cream base and caramelized onions, along with the Rustica Pizza featuring crushed tomatoes, roasted peppers, fennel sausage, shaved red onion, and fresh mozzarella showcased the kitchen’s dedication to fresh, imported ingredients. The house-made dough, with its fluffy texture and rich flavor, which is made with imported Italian flour and left to proof and rise over a 2 – 3-day period, gained the perfect char from the impressive pizza oven. These are some of the best pizzas in the area!

Cacio E Pepe, Our Favorite Dish Of All Time

Cacio E Pepe, with its delightful addition of breadcrumbs for a satisfying crunch, is our favorite dish of all time. The sheer perfection of this dish underscored the culinary mastery and passion behind each creation. This is a dish that anyone could easily enjoy daily; although your doctor may not agree. The balance of flavors, the impeccable execution, and the downright savory nature of this dish will leave you wanting more; no matter how full you are. With fettucine, Italian prosciutto, black pepper, extra virgin olive oil, and grana Padano cheese, this dish is a heavy hitter that can’t be missed.

F&D Wood Fired Italian Kitchen Is Doing Italian Sandwiches A F(l)avor

The Italian sandwich on house-made focaccia bread, which is baked fresh daily, transported us to Italy with every bite. The impeccable proportions and attention to detail highlight that craving-worthy sandwiches can be found right on Aloma Ave. Dripping with flavor, the stack of mortadella, capicola, and salami is enhanced by the addition of roasted red peppers, aged provolone, and a pesto aioli that is out of this world. Hats off to F&D for this remarkable sandwich. This sandwich is also served with their version of homemade kettle chips that are doused in parmesan cheese and are the perfect addition the a sandwich of this caliber.

A Close Tie For First

Chef Michael’s Chicken Piccata was a testament to the brilliance of simplicity. With minimal yet expertly chosen ingredients, he transformed the dish into a culinary masterpiece, achieving the perfect balance of butter and lemon on juicy, tender chicken. There’s nothing more satisfying than to cut into a piece of chicken and watch as the juices pour out. Chef Michael obviously has a strong grasp of culinary concepts. To be able to create something as delicious as this chicken piccata from no more than 6(ish) ingredients is an astounding work. Hats off to F&D.

Don’t Go Anywhere, Make Room For Dessert

Saving room for dessert, the Chocolate Mousse Cake stole the show with its unique twist—lemon-infused olive oil and Maldon salt for finishing, creating a sweet, salty, and citrusy delight. The decadent cannolis provided a perfect conclusion to a meal that had already exceeded our expectations. If you’re a lover of all things sweet, or just chocolate, then you cannot miss the opportunity for either of these finishing sweets.

What About Beer And Wine?

C’mon, of course, they have beer and wine! Not to be overlooked is the impressive selection of beer and wine, curated to complement the diverse flavors of the menu. The staff’s expertise in recommending pairings further enhances the overall dining experience. Ask for Kristen’s recommendation on your next visit.

Don’t Forget Weekend Brunch!

For those looking to extend their culinary journey into the weekend, F&D Wood Fired Italian Kitchen offers a bottomless brunch every Sunday. This indulgent affair, featuring a carefully crafted menu, allows patrons to savor the weekend in style, adding another layer of distinction to this already outstanding Italian gem.

In every dish at F&D Wood Fired Italian Kitchen, attention to detail, passion, and experience culminate to create an extraordinary Italian dining experience. The proportions are perfectly executed, making it a refreshing and exceptional find on Aloma Ave. Chef Michael and the entire team’s commitment to excellence is evident in every bite, leaving foodies with a thoughtful appreciation for fine Italian cuisine. Whether you’re seeking a romantic dinner or a leisurely Sunday brunch, F&D Wood Fired Italian Kitchen is a culinary haven that promises to elevate your dining experience to new heights.

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