Fast Food Giant Jack In The Box Is Expanding To Central Florida | 2022

Fast Food Giant Jack In The Box Is Expanding To Central Florida | 2022

Florida has been blessed with some of the best food in the country. Now we will receive another fast-food giant, Jack in the Box. When we say, “best food in the country”, we mean that in the context from the cheap and tasty heavy hitters to some of the finest cuisines in the country. No matter how you slice it, delicious is delicious. We were lucky enough to see the new Chicken Guy franchise introduced to the local community. This foregoes the introduction of Big Chicken that we’re supposed to receive by Shaq. However, the list continues with an American favorite, Jack in the Box. Jack in the box is found mainly on the West Coast but you can find them sprinkled in across the country. Now, it’s Florida’s turn. Not just Florida, but specifically Orlando, and we’re beyond excited.

Jack in the Box is a California-based fast-food chain with their eyes set on growth east of the Mississippi River, into Central Florida. The vastly known fast-food chain, which is known for its eclectic menu (including burgers, tacos, and various sandwiches) said it is currently looking for franchisees to bring their brand to the Orlando area.

The Jack In The Box Marketing Plan Is Almost Complete

Jack in the Box recently completed their strategic marketing plan. This plan shows approximately 60 trade area opportunities in the Central Florida market. Jack in the Box said the growth of the Orlando area is part of why it is targeting Central Florida so heavily in the very near future. Recently, Jack in the Box said that they are targeting Orlando because of the growth in the market. Something we’ve seen from other fast-food kings. The demographic is attractive. The customer profiles of Orlando match their core customer profile and they are looking at the prominence of having units in the core Florida market.

We Still Don’t Know When To Expect Jack In The Box

The fast-food giant said it doesn’t know yet when the first stores might open around Orlando. According to the company’s website, the estimated initial investment for a Jack in the Box franchise is between $1,697,000 and $2,694,600. The site also said the company requires a minimum liquidity of $500,000 and a minimum net worth of $1 million for franchisees. Jack in the Box has more than 2,200 locations, mostly along the West Coast and sprinkled throughout the country.

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