Exploring The Charms Of Jack and Honey’s: A Thornton Park Brunch Haven

Exploring The Charms Of Jack and Honey’s: A Thornton Park Brunch Haven

Nestled in Thornton Park, Jack and Honey’s emerges as a delightful spot for brunch enthusiasts. Co-founded by Wendy Connor, an original partner at the former establishment, The 808, and Jack Lambert, the visionary behind The Hammered Lamb, this eatery promises a distinct and inviting ambiance for those seeking the perfect ‘tweener meal.

Upon entering Jack and Honey’s, one is immediately captivated by the enchanting honeycomb and bee-themed décor, creating an atmosphere as sweet as its namesake. The bar, serving as the focal point, continues the tradition from The 808 and Dexter’s before it, providing a warm setting for Thornton Park locals to enjoy a relaxed meal and drinks.

Jack and honey's

Exceeding Brunch Expectations

As someone not particularly fond of brunch, I was pleasantly surprised by Jack and Honey’s offerings. From the late lunch experience to the diverse menu crafted by chef Hannah Wicker, previously associated with Disney, Universal, and SeaWorld, the establishment pays homage to co-owner Jack Lambert’s grandparents, Jack Quigly and Dorothy “Honey” Braham, who once operated a cherished diner.

Perusing the menu, the “Honey’s chicken and waffles” immediately stood out. A sweet tribute to Lambert’s grandmother, the dish delivered a flavorful experience, albeit with an imitation table syrup. The enigmatic “wagyu” sliders piqued our interest, though the origin of the wagyu remained undisclosed. Nevertheless, the sliders proved to be satisfying comfort food, accompanied by Parmesan-truffle fries.

Jack and honey's

Jack And Honey’s: A Gastronomic Symphony

While some dishes left room for improvement, the airline chicken breast emerged as an unassuming delight. Showcasing a flawlessly seared bone-in breast, paired with duxelles risotto and garlicky haricots verts, it proved to be a down-to-earth dish that truly soared.

Venturing into the cocktail selection, we discovered that Jack & Honey’s takes mixology seriously. However, conversations arose regarding the significance of crisp lettuce in handhelds and the need for more robust mixed drinks.

A Sweet Finale

Dessert at Jack and Honey’s unfolded as a berry-filled adventure with the boozy berry parfait, featuring vanilla ice cream, pound cake, prosecco-soaked berries, and whipped cream.

Jack and Honey’s has successfully carved out its identity in Thornton Park, presenting a brunch-centric experience marked by sophistication, a friendly atmosphere, and a menu that pays homage to tradition. Whether you are a devoted brunch enthusiast or, like me, a skeptic, this gem in Thornton Park may just win you over with its charming allure and delectable offerings.

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