Exciting “Journey of Water” at EPCOT: A Magical Experience

Exciting “Journey of Water” at EPCOT: A Magical Experience

The new and exciting “Journey of Water” at EPCOT is a magical experience. In a thrilling turn of events for Disney fans, a wave of excitement has swept over the theme park with a $60 billion worldwide investment announcement. Disney’s CEO Bob Iger and Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro unveiled this plan, promising enchanting attractions like Indiana Jones and Encanto experiences in Animal Kingdom, along with a significant expansion behind Magic Kingdom’s Big Thunder Mountain.

However, the real magic is about to unfold at EPCOT as the World Nature area, formerly known as Future World West, prepares to unveil its long-awaited addition. As the construction walls come down, guests eagerly anticipate the return of an old favorite. But among this joyous beginning, there’s a hint of sadness as we bid farewell to a bold experiment in interactive entertainment that ended too soon.

A Preview Of The New Journey Of Water

Recently, a WDW annual pass holder had the privilege of participating in previews of EPCOT’s latest offering, “Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana.” This enchanting attraction, opening to the public on Oct. 16, is already attracting attention as the most aesthetically pleasing and educational addition to EPCOT in years. It’s a testament to Disney Imagineering’s commitment to bringing long-forgotten ideas to life, as it fulfills 20-year-old Eisner-era “Project Gemini” plans. This walk-through experience replaces the outdated corporate exhibits of Innovations with a lushly landscaped oasis, reviving the true essence of a theme park.

Visitors explore meandering pathways, encountering interactive stations that subtly educate about the vital water cycle. “Journey of Water” is the most ambitious and expensive splash pad ever seen. Streams of water create melodic chimes when touched, fountains dance in response to guests’ arm movements, and geysers shoot upwards to meet open palms. The grand finale transports guests to an ocean cove, where adults can trigger an enormous wave as little ones revel in artificial shoreline splashes.

“Journey of Water” accommodates visitors who want to explore its depths or stay dry. Every water-related part offers a dry alternative, and all interactive elements are accessible to children and guests in wheelchairs. Whether choosing to admire rockwork and informative plaques while staying dry or immersing in ecological infotainment, the choice is yours. It’s best experienced just as the sun begins to set, enhancing its beauty and making the humidity feel less oppressive.

On A Somber Note

On a somber note, the untimely end of the Halcyon, also known as the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser, has saddened many fans. Less than two years after its highly anticipated launch, the Starcruiser concluded its cruises to Batuu with disappointment. Disney’s need to write off its $300 million investment as a tax deduction hampers the repurposing of the Starcruiser’s features inside the park. This has affected talented performers and creators who find themselves without jobs due to mistakes by accountants and marketers. Hopefully, they have found refuge in the Epic Universe sector.

The “Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana,” is a captivating EPCOT addition that educates and enchants visitors of all ages. Disney’s commitment to bringing dreams to life shines through in this immersive experience, seamlessly blending entertainment with education. When embarking on the next EPCOT adventure, be sure to include the “Journey of Water” on the must-see list.

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