Exciting Developments In Downtown Orlando For Retail And Dining

Exciting Developments In Downtown Orlando For Retail And Dining

Downtown Orlando, a thriving urban nucleus, is on the verge of witnessing a substantial revitalization in its retail and culinary landscape. Recently, the Orlando City Council gave the green light to a groundbreaking financial incentive scheme aimed at enticing new restaurants and retail outlets to the city’s core. This endeavor pledges to inject a considerable financial boost, totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars, into businesses seeking to establish themselves in the bustling heart of Downtown Orlando.

This promising initiative traces its roots back to 2010 when the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) introduced the Retail Stimulus Program with the primary goal of attracting robust retail operators to Downtown Orlando. In 2020, the program transformed to better align with the evolving needs of the area. In harmony with the city’s vision, which prioritizes family-friendly neighborhoods over bars and nightclubs, the CRA extended its focus to encompass the establishment of more restaurants and retail outlets within Downtown Orlando.

Downtown Orlando Programs

The revamped program has been cleverly bifurcated into two distinct branches: the Downtown Orlando (DTO) Retail Program and the DTO Restaurant Program. These branches provide financial incentives to eligible businesses to cover expenses related to renovations and rental assistance. For example, a full-service restaurant concept looking to set up shop in the downtown core, Parramore, or Creative Village can now access funding of up to $400,000, which equates to $100 per square foot. Additionally, they can benefit from rental assistance of up to $50,000. Notably, building owners must match these funds to meet the eligibility criteria.

Simultaneously, the Retail Program offers a maximum of $150,000 for enhancing tenant spaces, corresponding to $25 per square foot.

How To Qualify

To qualify for this enticing opportunity, businesses are required to demonstrate a history of at least five years in operation. This prerequisite ensures that the incentive program attracts seasoned and reputable retail and restaurant operators, thereby enriching the dynamic fabric of Downtown Orlando.

The approval of this innovative financial incentive program signals the arrival of a wave of new retail establishments and dining options in Downtown Orlando. The meticulously designed DTO Retail Program and DTO Restaurant Program aim to nurture the city’s ongoing development, rendering it an even more alluring destination for both residents and visitors. The future of Downtown Orlando as a thriving urban hub appears brighter than ever.

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