Downtown Orlando Getting New York-Inspired Tapas Restaurant: White Rabbit

Downtown Orlando Getting New York-Inspired Tapas Restaurant: White Rabbit

Downtown Orlando is getting a New York-inspired tapas restaurant. Exciting culinary developments are in store for Downtown Orlando as the highly awaited White Rabbit Restaurant and Bar prepares to open its doors at 27 E. Robinson Street. This soon-to-be hotspot is a New York-inspired “international tapas, small plates” harbor, promising a delightful unification of flavors and expertly crafted cocktails that will definitely entice the taste buds of its customers.

A proud sister concept to the respected Vines Grille and Wine Bar on Sand Lake Road, White Rabbit’s goal is to channel the cosmopolitan vibes of NYC, offering an attractive selection of tapas and small plates that transport diners on a global culinary vacation.

A sneak peek at their early menu, thoughtfully included in their paperwork with the City, teases a myriad of culinary treats that await eager patrons. The offerings range from flambeed mussels and delectable flatbreads to mouthwatering grilled stuffed squid and succulent pacanha steak, promising a concerto of flavors to delight every palate.

The White Rabbit Displays Efficiency

White Rabbit Restaurant has displayed inspiring efficiency, securing the proper permits with the City of Orlando even before the recent moratorium on new bars and nightclubs. Highlighting its commitment to providing an unforgettable dining experience, the restaurant is dedicated to making sure that over 51% of its gross revenue comes from crafter food and non-alcoholic beverages.

To realize its culinary dreams, the restaurant has sought funding through the CRA Retail Stimulus Program, potentially obtaining up to $100,000 to assist with its estimated $670,000 buildout. This effort further enhances White Rabbit’s potential to become a cherished gem in the heart of downtown Orlando.

Although the exact opening date is unknown, the website playfully promises the grand debut of White Rabbit Restaurant and Bar in the summer of 2023, creating excitement among foodies and cocktail fanatics alike. With its distinct New York-inspired flair, this culinary destination is poised to breathe new life into the local dining scene.

Delectable Plates

The team behind White Rabbit Restaurant and Bar eagerly anticipates introducing the community to an elegant weave of global flavors, delivered through savory small plates that inspire shared experiences and enjoying every mouthful. As the launch date draws closer, downtown Orlando can expect to immerse itself in a delightful world of international tastes and artfully crafted cocktails, all within a welcoming and stylish setting.

For those with a fondness for culinary journeys that transcend borders and celebrate the essence of diverse flavors, White Rabbit Restaurant and Bar is sure to become the go-to destination. Keep a keen eye out for updates as the restaurant prepares to open its doors, inviting locals and visitors alike to embark on an unforgettable dining journey.

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