Don’t Panic! Here’s What To Do If You Run Out Of Toilet Paper Paper

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If you find yourself running out of toilet paper, don’t panic! There are several alternatives to toilet paper or different routes you can take. One of the biggest offenders of this entire pandemic are notorious toilet paper hoarders. All jokes aside, there are some solutions. We are rounding up the best toilet paper alternatives.

Toilet Paper Alternatives

No need to take that emergency trip to Target or Publix. There are a surprising number of alternatives to toilet paper.


Bidets are a foreign concept to Americans. However, many countries in Europe and Asia are familiar with bidets. A bidet is a bath-like fixture. It is attached to a toilet. After you are finished using the toilet, you straddle the bidet bowl, turn on the water and cleanse yourself. When you are finished, you can towel off.

There are several types of bidets to choose from. For instance, TUSHY makes bidets that attach to your toilet for $79. If you are looking for a more affordable version, you can get one at Lowe’s for $39.

Repurpose Other Types of Paper

If you insist on using paper products to wipe your bum, there are alternatives to toilet paper. Try disposable toilet seat covers, napkins, tissues, baby wipes, and even coffee filters!

Reuse Washable Towels

If you have old bath towels, don’t throw them away. Instead, use them in place of toilet paper. After wiping the area, immediately wash with hot water.

Jump In the Shower

As a last-ditch solution, you can always jump in the shower. If you are unable to access other toilet paper options, the shower is nearby. Towel yourself dry when you are done.