Discover The Morse Code Lounge Experience Along Morse Boulevard In Winter Park

Discover The Morse Code Lounge Experience Along Morse Boulevard In Winter Park

Situated on Morse Boulevard, the Morse Code Lounge has emerged as a distinguished nighttime venue, captivating visitors with its sophisticated atmosphere, distinctive local connections, and a meticulously selected assortment of wines. Conceived by Shannon Beaty and Ulrich Stanley Marine (known as U.S. Marine), Morse Code Lounge welcomed its first patrons on October 4 at 163 E. Morse Blvd, a venture ignited by a serendipitous encounter between the two innovative managers.

Winter Park’s shopping and dining district now offers an elevated nocturnal ambiance, with Marine, the President of Sutherlin Nissan of Orlando, drawing on his two-decade-long appreciation for wine. His prior experience as a bartender in Tampa inspired the amalgamation of his three passions—wine, art, and cigars—into a cohesive concept. This vision materialized when he connected with Beaty, an experienced bartender at Park Plaza Gardens, back in 2015.

Morse Code Lounge Appreciates Wine

Their mutual appreciation for fine wines forms the basis of the unique atmosphere at Morse Code Lounge. Going beyond the typical lounge experience, Morse Code offers wine lockers as part of an exclusive membership plan. This plan includes complimentary wine and cheese pairings, access to limited product releases, and invitations to special events.

Beaty’s roots in Winter Park and her background in hospitality, coupled with Marine’s business expertise, propelled the venture forward. The Morse Boulevard property, secured in 2022, became the perfect canvas for their venture. While the name pays homage to the address, the primary focus remains on delivering personalized service, reminiscent of a speakeasy, with membership tiers offering a variety of benefits.

Radiating Chic Decor

Inside, the venue radiates chic decor with high-top tables, couches, and ambient lighting. Art pieces by Roc Demarco and Jamali, available for purchase, adorn the walls, creating an intimate atmosphere. The venue thoughtfully extends its opulent offerings outdoors, featuring a dedicated cigar lounge and an indoor humidor for enthusiasts.

Morse Code Lounge has steadily gained attention through social media and word of mouth, with special events further enhancing its allure. From product launches to live music nights, the lounge provides a diverse array of experiences.  unlocked.

Elevate Your Nightlife

Morse Code Lounge on Morse Boulevard encapsulates the essence of an elevated nightlife experience, seamlessly blending wine, art, and cigars in an intimate Winter Park setting. As patrons unlock the Morse Code experience, the lounge stands as a testament to the fusion of passion and opportunity in the heart of Winter Park.

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