Deeds Over Words – Random Acts Of Kindness Mean More In A Pandemic

Now More Than Ever, The World Needs Random Acts Of Kindness

The pandemic has hit us all very harshly, causing some of us to lose many things and people we hold dear. In spite of this, we must show our loved ones, friends, and even strangers, just how much they matter. Do you know someone who is isolated or going through hard pandemic struggles? During this time, a phone call, card or other random acts of kindness make a huge difference in morale. Random kindness has driven up so much the past few years, they’ve even named a day in it’s honor! Be sure to mark February 17th on your calendar. No matter how grand or small the gesture, this effort revives spirits anytime.

How To Practice Random Acts Of Kindness To Boost Your Morale

It’s no mystery that COVID-19 affects all people at all levels – and even animals. Many of both find themselves alone and helpless because of ensuing financial difficulties. In this time of great need, contributions to various charities are welcome and in need of support. Before making a charity donation, consider consulting Charity Navigator to see that particular organization’s rating. Sending and delivering food and other items to elderly and needy recipients would be not only welcome but lifesaving in some cases. If this may not be your act of kindness choice, here are some other ways to give back.

One special case comes from a local radio talk show that many enjoy listening to. They host a regular weekly segment known as “happiness hour.” It’s motive is to provide callers a place to share happiness and positivity through their personal stories. A recent caller to the show was a young mother suffering from advanced cancer who found herself at a time with few options for help. She recounted how at her most desperate point, neighbors and residents of her town rallied on her behalf. To her shock, many of these people were absolute strangers. However, these amazing people banded together to bring her and her children food and other necessities they lacked.

A Personal Account Of A Good Deed Done Well

In unrelated COVID-19 circumstances, a personal visit is probably one of the most important deeds a person can perform. Being more than 80 years old myself and a happy survivor of a kidney transplant operation, I can personally attest to this most appreciated gesture. It’s true the procedure has taken a toll on my physical abilities, but my mental and emotional health has become my highest concern.

To me, the word “deed” means going out of your way for another, even if it means suffering temporary inconvenience. Doing a good deed for others gives you a feeling of satisfaction that is unmatched. Actually doing something rather than just talking about it is the essence of holiness. That being said, there is also a physical element that comes into play for the do-gooder as well, per Medical Daily. Performing random acts of kindness boosts your psychological health by releasing dopamine, the feel-good neurotransmitter in the brain. You may want to consider treating someone else before you “treat yourself” next time you’re feeling low!

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