Crispy Cones Brings Innovative Czech Soft Serve To Orlando

Crispy Cones Brings Innovative Czech Soft Serve To Orlando

Crispy Cones brings innovative Czech soft serve to Orlando. Orlando’s ice cream aficionados are in for a delightful European-inspired treat as Crispy Cones, an Idaho-based soft-serve concept, prepares to launch its inaugural Florida establishment in the city.

With the motto “Transforming the soft serve cone,” Crispy Cones delivers on its pledge by reimagining the conventional soft-serve ice cream experience. At the heart of this concept are freshly grilled dough cones, generously filled with premium soft-serve ice cream and an enticing selection of toppings. The idea was sparked by owners Jeremy and Kaitlyn Carlson, who first encountered the delightful “chimney cake” confection during a visit to the Czech Republic. So captivated were they by this sweet creation that they decided to introduce it to the United States, even presenting it on the television show Shark Tank in March 2023.

Experience Luxurious Crispy Cones

The signature cones receive a lavish dusting of cinnamon and sugar, establishing a delectable foundation. They are then brimming with luxurious ice cream, allowing customers to indulge in a creative process by choosing from an array of spreads, sauces, and fruit or confectionery toppings to craft their perfect dessert.

Crispy Cones will soon become a part of the Orlando culinary landscape, situating itself alongside the Hourglass Social House at the convenient address of 2415 Curry Ford Road. Although the exact opening date remains undisclosed, eager patrons can anticipate the imminent arrival of Crispy Cones in Orlando. For those curious about the delectable offerings that await at Crispy Cones, a comprehensive menu is readily available for exploration on their website.

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