Central Florida Vocal Arts: Dates and Venue Announced for Celebrated Summer Institute, Cultivating Excellence & Empathy

Dates and Venue Announced for Celebrated Summer Institute, Cultivating Excellence & Empathy

Central Florida Vocal Arts is proud to announce a second year of partnership with The Renaissance Theatre (The Ren) to host their celebrated Summer Institute this coming June 2024. As a champion of new works, The Ren is the perfect venue for students to explore artistry and innovation in this week-long program designed to nurture and challenge youth artists of all skill levels.

Among many compelling performing arts summer programs, CFVA’s Summer Institute stands out for its commitment to holistic arts training and self-actualizing outcomes for all students. Over the course of just one week, the program empowers students to create their own unique musical theatre production, in which they write dialogue, create sets, props, and design costumes, in addition to performing. All students also participate in a voice recital in which they perform solos, promoting individual confidence-building, community, and promoting self-ecacy. CFVA also promotes an environment that embraces the beauty of diversity. LGBTQ+, dierently-abled, and neuro-divergent students all find a home at Summer Institute, where they are celebrated for their unique gifts.

Summer Institute’s commitment to inclusion furthers an environment of excellence and creativity where students recognize the merit in both their own and their peers’ unique gifts. Many Summer Institute alumni are working as entertainment professionals around the world, including 2023 alumni, Annika Franklin (11) who made her debut as Young Nala in The Lion King on Broadway last Fall. Annika shares her experience with CFVA remarking

“Even if you’re just starting, or you’re already experienced, everyone is very welcoming; they make you feel so good about yourself. We put on a show in a week, which was crazy, and there were so many amazing people that helped me.
Everyone was just great!”

The arts change and save lives, and CFVA is committed to ensuring that every student who wishes to participate is able to do so.Since 2013, CFVA has boasted a 100% scholarship award record for Summer Institute: no student has EVER been turned away for an inability to pay and no student ever will.

At the end of each week, CFVA measures the impact of the programming on student self-esteem with 100% of 2023 Summer Institute II students noting a significant or very significant increase in both their self-confidence and their belief that they could overcome obstacles. These outcomes have an impact on student lives that extend far beyond theatre walls. Whether a student’s ambitions take them to Broadway like Annika or just provide them the public performance experience they need to succeed in English class, CFVA’s Summer Institute at The Ren is a special place where students learn to raise their voice in chorus, confidence, and community.

What: Summer Institute I and II
When: June 10th to 15th (ages 7-12) / June 17th to 22nd (ages 13-18)
Where: The Renaissance, 415 E Princeton St, Orlando, FL 32803
Learn More and Enroll Today: www.centralfloridavocalarts.org/events

About Central Florida Vocal Arts

Central Florida Vocal Arts fosters connection through arts education for all and professional performances that inspire! We provide the highest quality training to artists of all ages, while also oering performance opportunities to emerging and professional artists. These performances promote community dialogue, while inspiring hearts and minds all with an aim of creating a more caring and connected Central Florida community for future generations.

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