Canvas Prints at Creative.Miami

Canvas Prints at Creative.Miami

Would u like custom canvas prints? For home office custom work in the office for brand logo location services
Home custom art places been family and friends.

Custom prints

Get your custom Canvas Prints! Turn your favorite photo into a beautiful canvas you can hang on the wall. These are the best canvas print services online. If you’re looking for sleek, smooth, and well-protected work of art, then check out Creative.Miami. Our canvas prints are printed and stretched in-house and come ready to hang or display with a classic semi-gloss finish.

To turn your pictures into canvas prints just choose your canvas size and wrap thickness, upload your pictures or art, and choose your border for a personalized canvas print of your own. In simple language, a canvas is a plain-woven fabric, which due to its highly durable quality was primarily used for making marquees, backpacks, tents, sails, and other items which required durability. However, with the growing popularity and demand for print photos on canvas, the same fabric was used to create stock and personalized photo canvas prints.

The narration above matches precisely with the traditional canvases which were made from hemp. However, with time, fabrics like cotton and linen are usually used to create canvases. According to a report released by InfoTrends, Canvas prints cover 12% of the market of the total online printing industry in the United States. The same report also shares that printed canvas is expected to reach 860 million for a 5-year CAGR of 11.6% by 2018.

The report undoubtedly gives a glorious sneak into the future of canvas prints. But we believe, that despite its popularity and the invincible space that it has made in the hearts of people around, there are users who are still unaware of the minute details linked with the gorgeous canvas prints. Let us have descriptive look at these.


Personalized Canvas Prints? are the ones which are made from your own photographs and artworks. These canvas prints are often used to gift it to someone close to you or to use your personal/family photographs to decorate your house/office wall. Wall displays are a creative and stand-out way to show off your favorite photos. Wall photo displays range from three panels to nine panels. These wall-mounted displays are a great way to bring personalized wall art into your home.

Multi Panel

This is more creative in comparison to the single-panel canvas prints. Under this method of split canvas printing, photos are split into different sections followed by each section getting printed on canvas.

Use of Canvas Prints

Framing Artwork

Let us suppose that painting is your hobby (or someone close to you) or you like artworks and want to secure them for long with you. This is where canvas prints are used to give a better house to the artworks.


This is quite similar to our last point. The only difference is that you can gift canvas prints to your friends and family sharing enchanting memories. Something that you want to preserve for life.

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