Calling all artists! Orlando’s local art project needs your help

Calling all artists!

Orlando is calling for help from all local artists. Why? Well for Orlando’s new local art project! The City of Orlando is seeking for all creative artists out there to help design a three-dimensional piece of art. This wonderful work of art will then be placed in the center of I-4. If you have a creative or inspiring idea, then you are in luck submissions are still open. The submissions will be open until August 27 at midnight. Sol hurry and get working on your vision.

A budget of $350,000 has been assigned to this gigantic art project and has been paid for by the I-4 Ultimate Art Endowment Program. Which is also helping to fund multiple installations all along the I-4 interstate. The winning design will be chosen by RLF Architects. Who will also be installing beautiful art all over Winter Park. The artwork will then be installed by the end of the yea once the design is chosen. So keep your eyes peeled for the winning piece at the end of 2020

Ideas so far!

So many artists have been jumping all over the place to get their art featured around Florida. so this is a very big deal for the city of Orlando and the artists of Orlando. Some ideas have already been thrown out there and considered such as the ones below. Can you come up with a creative idea to put on this list?

Godzilla: We all know Godzilla. And what is Florida best known for? Of course, their Gators. Now even though Godzilla is dubbed for being known as ” The king of monsters”, He is also known for having a lot of strength. What’s not better than giving Orlando a symbol of strength in the hard times of the pandemic.

Tentacles: Giant squid tentacles have also been another popular request. These tentacles would be placed in the waters of Lake Ivanhoe.

The proposed Artwork is to capture the distinct character or culture of the community and/or visually enhance public spaces. Including the Site’s open space and surrounding area. The proposed art Site abuts a multi-modal transportation hub where large numbers of cars, bikes, trains, and pedestrians pass on a daily basis.

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