Brightline Is The New Train Connecting Orlando To Miami In 3 Hours

Brightline Is The New Train Connecting Orlando To Miami In 3 Hours

is the new train connecting Orlando to Miami in 3 hours. No more congested highways, expensive gas, or paying to park in a garage. The Brightline train is a greener and more efficient way to travel down south. In the tiring Orlando to South Florida strip that includes theme parks, beaches and major cities, a passenger-friendly train, Brightline, is offering travelers a new option for quick reliable transportation.

In a major development, Brightline announced its newest train station at Orlando International Airport on in April. Starting this June, trekkers will be able to take quick, comfortable train service from Orlando, to Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami, plus a few other cities on route. Brightline expects its non-stop train between Orlando and Miami to arrive in just under 3 hours.

When Will Trains Begin To Depart

Trains will begin leaving eight times a day from Orlando to Miami this summer. Ticket sales will be open sometime this May. Service will eventually increase to sixteen departures per day. However, we do not know when to expect this increase.

Where To Board The New Brightline Train

Brightline trains will be departing from Terminal C at Orlando International Airport.  The train station offers a quick, straight connection between arriving flights and local trains. Brightline’s offering in Orlando feels like an expanded version of its other Florida stations. It has cleanly designed seating across two separate lounges and even a play area for kids. The train even includes a bar with craft beers on tap.

Looking For Transport From The Airport To Main Orlando Attractions?

Looking to go from Orlando International airport to Orlando’s many attractions? If you’re staying close to the station, Brightline has some incorporated options. If you book Brightline’s Premium class, a complementary Uber will take passengers to stops within a five-mile radius of the station. Smart class passengers, or economy class, can also book Ubers from inside the Brightline app for a fee, but without distance limitations. The company has also worked to connect its stations with free electric shuttles and even bike shares to help passengers get where they need to go after they’ve reached their destination.

Eventually, Brightline hopes to extend its service beyond Orlando International Airport to a stop much closer to Orlando’s attractions, which are about 17 miles away. A plan to link the train line directly to Disney Springs fell through last year, but Brightline still hopes to bring stations to the area. Brightline service is expected to eventually reach Tampa.

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