Breathe Modern wellness bar

Breathe Modern wellness bar

There is a new kind of bar coming to Orlando. No, it is not the kind of bar you are thinking about. This is an Oxygen Bar. Breathe Modern wellness bar finally made it to Orlando.

Since 1999, Breathe Modern Wellness Bar has been one of the premiers in Orlando FL experiences providing guests with a wide array of health and wellness activities. Starting from humble beginnings, Breathe, Inc has grown into a popular concept sought after by many destination properties around the world.

Breathe, Inc is proud to be the premier, professional, and reputable oxygen bar company in the world. We pride ourselves on providing a positive, fun atmosphere for our guests and staff where they can come in and enjoy a breath of fresh air. We enjoy seeing each and every one of our guests each time they visit, and we can’t wait to share this experience with you.

What Is An Oxygen Bar?

An Oxygen bar is a magnificent way to sit down relax and breathe a steady stream of 90% pure oxygen. This Oxygen is distilled in water for an ultimate comfortable meditation. Increasing oxygen levels as you breathe supplemental oxygen like a breath of fresh air can help you by boosting your energy levels, relieving stress, and can help curb headaches.

It is not often that we all just sit back and breathe a little. Letting fresh air into our bodies, despite the fact that we need oxygen to improve how we feel? At Breathe Modern Wellness Bar, you can sit back and relax your mind and body while increasing your oxygen levels. With increased oxygen levels improves the function of blood vessels which strengthens blood flow and improves circulation.

What Is An Aqua Message?

An Aqua Massage at Breathe Modern Wellness Bar is a relaxing experience like no other. Breathe Aqua Massage beds are a quick and convenient way to experience full-body relief from aches, pains, and soreness. When combined with the oxygen bar experience at Breathe Modern Wellness Bar, laying in an Aqua Massage bed can be just what you need to reach peak relaxation.

You will be surprised how incredible you feel once you get your blood flowing, your muscles soothed, and your mind cleared of every care in the world. This is an incredible and carefree experience that will make you feel new. Simply climb in and relax as waterjets give a full body massage.

Benefits of a Modern Wellness Bar

Don’t just take our word for it. You will not regret stopping by this new wellness bar. Experience the most relaxing and invigorating experience in Orlando. If you have any questions about the bar, the dedicated staff would love to show you around and explain any questions that you may have about oxygen, muscle relaxation, or any of the incredible health and wellness products that are offered. You will find that we are more than just an oxygen bar.

The Modern wellness bar offers guests a complete wellness experience that is a breath of fresh air. When you stop by one of the oxygen bars, you will have the opportunity to breathe in fresh air to clear your mind and help your body begin to recover. Sit back and relax. Learn about the many products they offer from energizing Kava shots, essential oils, and if you are really experiencing pain and discomfort.

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