Boldly Unveiling ‘Elevate’: My Good Phelo, the Orlando-Based Producer, Drops a Fresh Beats Album

Boldly Unveiling ‘Elevate’: My Good Phelo, the Orlando-Based Producer, Drops a Fresh Beats Album

My Good Phelo
, the talented producer hailing from Orlando, has recently launched a groundbreaking beats album titled ‘Elevate.’ Boasting a remarkable presence in the city’s art scene for over 25 years through his graffiti, mural work, and role as a full-time tattoo artist at Built 4 Speed, Phels, the creative force behind My Good Phelo, has recently transitioned to a more public pursuit of his musical passion.

My Good Phelo: Deeply Rooted In Hip-Hop

Deeply rooted in hip-hop, Phels has solid connections with prominent Orlando crews such as Beat Ministry and Beer Money Unlimited, establishing his credibility within the local music scene. Following the introduction of his 2019 full-length release, ‘Grail Pieces,’ My Good Phelo returns with the much-anticipated album ‘Elevate.’

In contrast to his 2019 debut, which resembled a mixtape from a beatmaker, ‘Elevate’ represents a significant leap forward, presenting a complete album comprising 13 tracks that go beyond serving as mere backing beats for MCs. This instrumental hip-hop album delivers an immersive experience, featuring atmospheric music and skillful sample utilization, reminiscent of renowned producer acts like Handsome Boy Modeling School.

A Distinctive Approach

Phels adopted a distinctive approach in the creation of ‘Elevate,’ choosing to use samplers instead of relying solely on a computer. The recording process transformed into a live-beat performance, incorporating sound effects and transitions in real-time. This unique touch injects ‘Elevate’ with a vibrant energy rarely found in conventional production work.

Despite the concise nature of the tracks, perfectly suited for collaboration with a rapper, they stand strongly on their own, offering a multi-dimensional, dynamic, and character-rich listening experience. Collectively, these tracks exemplify the instrumental side of hip-hop as a distinct and sophisticated art form. ‘Elevate’ is now available for streaming across various platforms and holds a prominent position on This Little Underground’s Spotify playlist. My Good Phelo’s latest release serves as a bold testament to his evolution as a versatile and innovative artist in the realm of instrumental hip-hop.

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