Big Changes Underway At Historic Plaza Live As Roof Spire Enters Restoration

Big Changes Underway at Historic Plaza Live as Roof Spire Enters Restoration

Big changes are underway at historic Plaza Live as the roof spire enters restoration. A notable transformation is currently taking place at Orlando’s famed Plaza Live venue, as a variety of renovations seize the spotlight in their endeavor to safeguard its illustrious past and revive the iconic rooftop spire.

Originating as a cinema in 1963, the Plaza Live has evolved into a dynamic hub for live theater and events, annually drawing over 100,000 visitors. Since its creation, the Plaza has been defined by its spire, which once illuminated and rotated to signify the unveiling of films, concerts, and gatherings within its walls.

The Plaza Live Restoration

In a historic event, the spire has now been meticulously disassembled for restoration after more than sixty years, set to return to the skyline ornamented with its spinning attraction.

But, the spire’s revival is just one part of the venue’s overhaul strategy. The extensive renovation initiative seeks to unveil a rejuvenated, exclusive area for music and entertainment in the lively core of Orlando’s Milk District, as communicated by the Plaza Live board to Orlando Weekly.

Megan Kelley, the general manager, expounded, “This renovation not only augments our audience capacity but also enhances the overall viewer experience. The Plaza has been a cherished platform for artists and collectives – a sentiment echoed by frequent performer Lyle Lovett. Our venue’s distinctive proportions establish an intimate rapport between artist and audience, rendering the Plaza a remarkable space. We eagerly anticipate our reopening, presenting our community with this unique and intimate setting.”

Florida Partially Responsible For Plaza Live Renovations

The ambitious renovation venture has gained support from the Florida Department of State, Division of Historical Resources, through a grant, along with financial support from Orange County’s Tourist Development Tax funds. The project’s positive impact extends to benefit the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Plaza Live Foundation is actively seeking to secure the remaining $1.4 million through a campaign aptly named “inSPIRE!” Donations can be channeled through the official Plaza website or by engaging the Orlando Philharmonic Philanthropy Department at 407-896-6700 x 225, allowing patrons to assume a pivotal role in safeguarding the enduring legacy of this cultural treasure.

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