Best Rated Pizza Places in Orlando 2022!

Best Rated Pizza Places in Orlando 2022!

Being so far away from New York City and even farther away from Italy, what do you do when you’re in Orlando, Florida and you want delicious pizza?

Pizzeria Del-Dio Italian Restaurant

First up on the list of Orlando pizza spots to try is a place called Pizzeria Del-Dio Italian Restaurant. They’re located off of East Colonial Drive in the Colonial Town Center neighborhood. Right across the street from the Fashion Square Mall. It’s perfect for grabbing a slice of pizza after a day of shopping.

Pizza Bruno

Pizza Bruno is one of the all-time greatest pizza restaurants in Orlando, FL and they’ve made my lists before, so you already know they have great food. Their pizza is on another level, though. They serve the classic Neapolitan style pizza here, the one that started it all. Their wood fired pizza has that unbeatable flavor that just transports you. All the way to Napoli where your taste buds will want to stay forever.

Antica Pizzeria and Mozzarella Bar

Owner and pizzaiolo Piergiorgio Quintiero is a purist when it come to making Neapolitan pies. Of course, that means using finely milled Caputo Tipo “00” flour to make a dough that’s fermented for 72 hours before being stretched, topped, and fired in a 770-degree wood-fired Mugnaini oven for 100 seconds. The result? Gorgeous, gattopardo-spotted pies of the highest order.

Recess Pizza

The experimentalism at Orlando Meats resuscitated their Recess Pizza concept. All after moving into their new space in Winter Park earlier this year. After tinkering with the recipe, Recess’s crusts have a nice crackle. Plenty of air pockets and a texture akin to focaccia. But the toppings are what make their pizzas a draw, pizzas like the “Kaya” with pork belly, halloumi, chimichurri, and tomato creme, or the “Disco Strangler” weighted with a slew of toppings, notably chili, fries, mornay sauce, and cheddar. Expect topping combinations to err on the side of zany.

Brick & Fire Pizza

Brick & Fire Pizza and they really never disappoint when it comes to delicious pizza. They have countless house pizzas to choose from that include everything from old school favorites like plain cheese pizza all the way to more modern pies like buffalo chicken pizza.

They also have a long list of specialty pizzas that you won’t find anywhere else. My favorite specialty pizza that makes me break away from my usual pepperoni pizza is “The Angry Shrimp”. Look for Brick & Fire Pizza off of South Orange Avenue in the South Orange neighborhood, right across the street from Lake Beauty and the Orlando Health Pulse Memorial Paver Garden.

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