Best Rainy Day Activities To Do At Home

Best Rainy Day Activities To Do At Home

Did you know that Central Florida is one of the stormiest places in America? Surprise, it’s actually not Seattle like most people think. In fact, several cities in Florida ranked as among the Stormiest Cities according to the Farmer’s Almanac. That being said, stormy days are bound to happen at some point when you’re in Central Florida. If you find yourself stuck inside on a rainy day with your kids, there are plenty of things you can do to keep them entertained, even when it’s raining all day! Even if you’re just by yourself, make it a cozy night in. Try some of these best rainy day activities to do at home.

Rainy Day Activities For Kids

If you are looking for ways to entertain your kids besides technology and video games, look no further. These rainy day activities are wholesome ways that you can do with your kids.

Bake Something Delicious

Have fun while teaching your kids some classic recipes like brownies or chocolate chip cookies. It doesn’t have to be unhealthy either! There are many recipes that are

Play Old-School Games

What better way to bond with your kids that with some old-school games? Break out the board games, card games, or even try making up a game. Make it a game night with snacks.

Make a Pillow Fort

Rainy days are the perfect day to transform your living room into a giant pillow fort. Pillow forts are a classic fun activity to spark the creative engineer in all of us.

Have A Dance Party

When you’re stuck inside, it can feel a little suffocating and your kids are bound to get cabin fever. Let loose with some fun music and do some silly dance moves. Plus, it’s good for your health!

Read Books Together

Get cozy with some blankets and pillows and read some books to your kids – from Harry Potter to Dr. Seuss.

Play Hide and Seek

This is another classic game that all kids love. You can even restrict it to one room or you can let everyone have free reign of the house.

Do a Scavenger Hunt

Create a fun list for your scavenger hunt and send your kids on a quest to find them around the house. Bonus points for anyone who can find the shoe you’ve been missing for months.

Create Science Experiments

There are a lot of safe kid-friendly experiments to try using household items around your house. The volcano is a classic science fair experiment you can try at home!

Have a Disney Movie Marathon

If you are in the mood to let your kids veg out, there is no better way to do that than with a Disney/Pixar movie marathon! Turning Red and Encanto are now available on Disney+ so get cozy on the couch and pop some popcorn.

Do An Arts and Crafts Session

There are a ton of arts and crafts ideas for kids on Pinterest – make slime, homemade playdough or you can even go the traditional route with a coloring book.

Rainy Day Activities For You

Rainy days at home are the perfect days for doing something creative, cozy, productive and fun. The next time you have a rainy day, make it a YOU day.

Binge Watch a New TV Show

If that new Netflix series is calling your name, a rainy day is the perfect time dive in. Get cozy on the couch with your favorite blanket and veg out.

Have a Spa Day

Treat yourself to some self-care by bringing the spa to your home! Make it a self-care day with face masks, hair masks, robes and slippers. Light some candles and paly some relaxing music. YouTube and Spotify have a lot of spa music playlists for you to set the mood!

Organize Your Closet

Get to that closet organization now that you finally have some time. A day indoors is the perfect opportunity to organize your closet, mend ripped clothing or make a donation pile.

Complete a BIG Jigsaw Puzzle

This is one of those fun things to do on a rainy day while you are having some tea or coffee. Plus, it’s stress-relieving as well as fun – whether it’s 300 or 1,000 pieces.

Start A Blog

Are you a foodie? Or maybe you’re a glam girl into makeup? Or perhaps you are passionate about health or the outdoors. There are a ton of ways to startup blogs with a free and easy setup like or Create around something that you love – travel, money, tech, even celebrity gossip. e

Create A Family Recipe Book

Those rainy days are perfect for cooking comfort food or yummy baked treats. Plus, you can incorporate your love for food into a family recipe book that can be passed on for generations. Family cookbooks are also a great traditional gift. You can even it unique with adding family history or old photographs.

Create A Scrapbook

Get crafty and create a scrapbook to look back and reminisce about all the happy memories and adventures you’ve had. Preserve al your experiences with pictures, ticket stubs, pressed flowers, trinkets, stamps and just about anything else. It is something that your family or kids can cherish for a lifetime. Plus, it’s so easy to get started and there are a lot of layout and decorating ideas available online.

Make Your Own Signature Cocktail

You can become your own mixologist and concoct the perfect cocktail for you. Also, you get to do a lot of sampling before you perfect your signature cocktail recipe. *wink wink*. Practice makes perfect. Even if you’re not a natural bartender, there are so many recipes, guides and tutorials to perfect this craft.

Craft a Spotify Playlist

Music is an amazing way to get into some relaxing vibes, lift your spirit, and get happy. You can unleash your musical creativity my crafting your perfect Spotify playlist. Or you can choose from endless pre-made rainy day playlists on Spotify.

Learn Calligraphy

Many people have “learning creativity” on their bucket list. It is an elegant hobby that is useful for making cards, letters, crafts, signs and more. It’s super easy to get started – all you need is a calligraphy kit, which you can get on Amazon here.

The next time there is a rainy day, try something new that is not in your typical wheelhouse. In the age of phones and the internet, we are motivating people to try and put down the smartphone, tablet, Facebook, video games or whatever vice that you have.

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