Best Dog Parks In Central Florida 2022

Best Dog Parks In Central Florida 2022

Best Dog Parks In Central Florida 2022. Orlando is one of the most pet-friendly cities in America! Making it a great place to be a dog (and a dog owner). Besides the dog-friendly cafes and pet care facilities, Orlando is home to a number of dog parks to meet every owner’s preference. Before checking off these parks from your pet’s to-do list, make sure you’ve read up on proper dog park safety and preparation.

Lake Baldwin Park

As one of the most well-known dog parks in the Winter Park area, this is the ideal location to take your four-legged friends to enjoy the water and sandy areas. Take advantage of the picnic tables and shaded areas for social outings and hosting outdoor activities. Along with these amenities, there are also nature trails to walk and hike along. Be sure to bring the right shoes and a towel, there is often mud near the water areas and your pup is likely to pick some up. Dogs are allowed to be off leash in the fenced area only during park hours. Other amenities to note are reserved pavilions for events and boat ramps for boats and picnic tables so you can have a picnic under a shaded area after playing in the park. Hours are 8 a.m. to sunset daily.

Dr. Phillips Community Dog Park

This park is part of a larger community park with two areas for smaller and bigger dogs. There are many amenities that include a dog water fountain, dog wash station, and dog water buckets in case they do not like drinking out of the fountain. Also, there are picnic tables in a pavilion that can be reserved for a private event and a children’s playground right near the dog park. The park also has a nature trail for walking or jogging with your pup. It faces a lake that has a great view. It also has several other amenities like basketball courts, an open field for soccer and a splash pad for children, so you can have fun for the whole family, including your furry friends! Hours for this park are 8 a.m to 8 p.m. daily.

Barber Dog Park

Barber Dog Park might not have a lake to doggy-paddle in, but it does have agility equipment and plenty of open green for running. The park provides water fountains for dogs and owners. During the summer there are sometimes pools available for dogs to play in.

Dogs are separated based on their size as a safety precaution. If you have a dachshund, you can send them over to the 30 pounds and underside, whereas you can take your Labrador to the 30 pounds and up. This allows for an environment that is not only safer but more fun for the dogs.

Park of the Americas

Park of the Americas is a newer off-leash park. It offers off-leash run space and a track and trail for dog walking. The park provides water bowls and a hybrid fountain to keep your dog hydrated during the hottest parts of summer. This park divides dogs at the 35-pound mark, offering a play space for larger dogs and smaller dogs to meet dogs of similar sizes. Both sections feature painted concrete tunnels that dogs can play in, climb on, or lounge inside to cool down. In the large dog park, dogs can play on a sandy hill. This park stays well-lit, even when you stay until close, thanks to lampposts along the perimeter of the small dog park.

Paw Park of Historic Sanford

Making its debut in 2001, the Paw Park of Historic Sanford is the oldest dog park in Central Florida. This park is a fully fenced in area that has two separate areas for big dogs and smaller dogs. This is the only area where the dogs can be unleashed at during park hours. Both areas feature climbing toys for dogs to play with and enjoy. There are also dog showers and self-watering bowls if your pup decides to play in the dirt. Hours for this park are 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.

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