An Authentic Mexican Restaurant Will Be Taking Over The Armstrong Lock Building In Mills 50

An Authentic Mexican Restaurant Will Be Taking Over The Armstrong Lock Building In Mills 50

An authentic Mexican restaurant will be taking over the Armstrong Lock building in Mills 50. In an exciting development within the culinary landscape of Orlando, Juan Rios, the mastermind behind the much-admired Agave Azul Mexican restaurant brand, is embarking on a fresh culinary journey in Orlando’s bustling Mills 50 district. This time, he’s departing from the realm of “mediocre Tex-Mex” to delve into the dynamic realm of conceptual, chef-driven dining experiences. Rios recently created a buzz by acquiring the iconic Armstrong Lock & Security Products building, located at 1120 N. Mills Ave., with the commitment to uplifting this historic venue.

We Still Don’t Know The Name Of This New Authentic Mexican Restaurant

Driven by an enthusiastic desire to elevate Mexican cuisine to new heights, Rios foresees a restaurant that surpasses the ordinary, drawing inspiration from the lush jungles of Tulum in the Yucatán peninsula and the captivating Riviera Maya of his Mexican homeland. This yet-to-be-named authentic Mexican restaurant promises to be a celebration of indigenous Mexican flavors infused with a modern twist, resulting in a captivating fusion of tradition and invention.

Hailing from Leon in Guanajuato, Rios possesses a deep-rooted attraction for the coastal culinary delights of Quintana Roo, particularly its delicious seafood offerings. Subsequently, his upcoming venture will prominently feature seafood, showcasing the ocean’s bounty in a way that reflects his unwavering commitment to authenticity and culinary excellence.

We’re Still Waiting For The Head Chef

While the identity of the head chef remains a secret for now, Rios has gone the extra mile to recruit talent directly from the heart of Quintana Roo, ensuring an authentic and transportive culinary experience that will whisk diners away to the sunny shores of Mexico.

The future of the historic Armstrong building is currently under consideration by Rios and his team. They are deciding whether to construct a brand-new structure on the premises or renovate the existing one. Regardless of the choice, Rios is determined to preserve the iconic “Armstrong Locks & Safes” sign, recognizing its significance as an integral part of the rich history of the Mills 50 district.

While the exact timeline for the restaurant’s grand opening is still unknown, Rios’s dedication to providing the community with a valued Mexican eatery remains his top priority.

Agave Azul Fans Can Celebrate

Meanwhile, enthusiasts of Agave Azul have reason to celebrate as the beloved brand embarks on an expansion journey. An exciting outpost is scheduled to open in O-Town West in early 2024, promising to infuse the area with the authentic flavors and warm ambiance that Agave Azul is known for. Additionally, plans are in motion for a fast-casual establishment with a “Mexico City ambiance” set to open next spring within the Shoppes at Trelago in Maitland. Customers can look forward to enjoying margaritas, exploring a Mercado-style grab-and-go, and enjoying outdoor dining in this delightful setting.

With Juan Rios’s culinary vision and solid commitment to excellence, Orlando’s dining landscape is on the brink of being enriched with a captivating array of Mexican culinary experiences. Stay tuned for updates on this highly anticipated Authentic Mexican restaurant, which will stand as a testament to his passion for genuine flavors and innovative dining concepts.

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