Aloma bowl Manager of the year Award

Aloma bowl Manager of the year Award

Long-time manager of Aloma Bowl, Jennifer Halpern, has been selected by the Bowling Centers Association of Florida as the Manager of the Year.

A Surprise For Jennifer

A surprising shock came to Jennifer when she got the call. She said” I didn’t even know I was nominated or how to get nominated to begin with” But cheered when she heard the news. Jennifer explained that she thinks the award is given to those who truly keep the love and passion of bowling alive.

A History of Bowling

Bowling has always been a loved sport in Jennifer’s family”, in fact whenever her father won a perfect game, they would celebrate like anyone who would celebrate the win of a super bowl. Now after being an EMT for almost 8 and a half years, she decided to become a permanent at home mother.

She took her son’s to Aloma bowl when they were younger, and Jennifer thought it would be good to get herself a more fun and family friendly job. It was time to get herself back out their and doing something she enjoys. Like the professional she is, she took over the Aloma bowl youth program.

Youth Program

“I love being able to watch the younger students excel in the art of bowling, and it is even more thrilling to watch my more advanced players win their first perfect game.” The kids loved the program at Aloma bowl and not to long after children from other bowling programs went to Aloma Bowl for their youth program.

Jennifer Halpern has been with Aloma Bowling Centers for eight years and has served as the General Manager for Aloma Bowl in Winter Park for nearly five years. Before being promoted to her current position, Halpern worked her way through the ranks as the youth leagues director and league coordinator, as well as several other leadership positions.

Bowling Tech

Bowling has excelled in its technology even though we all just went through a tough pandemic. The Sync system newest bowling scoring systems. Now you can play specific themed games like angry birds. Instead of just an original bowl game. Not only that but this system helps you keep an easier track of your scores. This provides young ones to feel encouraged and relate to the game of bowling. And helps our professionals keep their game easy flowing.

The bowling balls however have not increased technically yet. But They have evolved over the years. You can visit the Aloma bowl pro Shop, meet with our professional, Mike Moore, and get the perfect sized bowling ball for you and your children.

Covid safety

Covid had a heavy impact on a lot of companies, sports, shows and events around Central Florida. But once Aloma Bowl came back to society, it came back with a bang! In fact, even when the employees that were caught in the middle of the pandemic, they still wanted to come back and work for Aloma Bowl and the other sister alleys. The owner of Aloma Bowl paid for as much as the company could for each of their team members. But every employee came back due to their love of bowling and their love for the company.

For The Love of Bowling

“We truly feel like a family at Aloma Bowl, it feels good to know that the place you consider being work has your back, like family is supposed to. Knowing that the owner truly cared about what happened to his employees, makes me just want to work their even more.”

About Aloma Bowling Centers

The Aloma Bowling Centers are the premier family entertainment venues in Central Florida, with locations in Orlando (Boardwalk Bowl), Winter Park (Aloma Bowl) and Sanford (Airport Lanes). In addition to the 144 combined lanes, each center offers billiards, a restaurant, and arcades featuring new interactive games. All venues offer great corporate and group event/party facilities. Boardwalk Bowl Entertainment Center houses 80 lanes, making it the largest bowling facility in the Southeast

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