Alfie’s HiFi Lounge To Transform Former St. Matthew Tavern Venue In Mills 50

Alfie’s HiFi Lounge To Transform Former St. Matthew Tavern Venue In Mills 50

Alfie’s HiFi Lounge, a dynamic vinyl listening bar exuding a retro ’70s vibe, is preparing to make its mark in Mills 50, stepping into the former St. Matthew Tavern space. Led by Team Market Group, the hospitality team helmed by brothers Keith, Romi, and Daniel Mawardi, recognized for their innovative ventures such as the vegan burger joint Plantees and the forthcoming Eastwood live-fire concept nearby.

Before the unveiling of Eastwood, all eyes are on Alfie’s HiFi Lounge, set to open its doors by late April at 1300 N. Mills Ave.

Conceptualized by Nuriel Mawardi, Alfie’s HiFi Lounge pays tribute to the Mawardi family patriarch, Alfie Mawardi, whose vibrant nightlife escapades at Studio 54 in New York City inspired the concept. Drawing inspiration from vinyl listening bars across global hotspots like Tokyo, New York, London, and Miami, Alfie’s aims to fill a void in Orlando’s nightlife scene outside of downtown.

Alfie's HiFi Lounge

Alfie’s HiFi Lounge Will Consist Of Three Distinct Zones

Comprising three distinct zones, Alfie’s features a 22-seat bar with lofty ceilings in the first room, followed by a middle section offering table service and a prime view of the DJ booth, where the beats come alive. The lounge area, adorned with banquette seating and a dance floor, completes the experience. Adding to the allure, a spacious outdoor area and a meticulously designed back patio, evoking the tranquility of a Japanese garden, offer a serene retreat.

Infused with a ’70s aesthetic in its design elements, Alfie’s promises an eclectic musical journey, with vinyl DJs curating diverse genres beyond the expected classics. While paying homage to the era, the venue’s cocktail menu might feature Disco Era staples like Midori Sours and Harvey Wallbangers. As for the culinary offerings, plans are underway to introduce a menu that complements the era’s spirit, with tantalizing options like “disco fries” potentially making an appearance.

Alfie's HiFi Lounge

Commencing Operations Soon

Alfie’s HiFi Lounge will commence its operations from Thursday through Saturday, with the possibility of extending to Sundays. As anticipation mounts for its grand opening, Alfie’s is poised to become a quintessential destination for music aficionados, cocktail connoisseurs, and nostalgia enthusiasts alike in Mills 50.

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