Alex’s Fresh Kitchen Is The Best Kept Secret In Casselberry, Florida

Alex’s Fresh Kitchen Is The Best Kept Secret In Casselberry, Florida

Alex’s Fresh Kitchen in Casselberry was kind enough to invite us in for a food review recently. Alex’s Fresh Kitchen is the best kept secret in the area. Chef Alex Diaz is whipping up comfort food on the daily and taking it to an entirely different elevation. While most restaurants are still at sea level, Alex and his crew are taking comfort food into the mountains with their extremely creative take on burgers, wraps, brunch, and more. Alex’s Fresh Kitchen adheres to the highest standards and uses the best ingredients available. All this and more are in play at Alex’s Fresh Kitchen, which is why you’ll leave with a satisfied appetite, lingering flavor combinations that’ll knock your socks off, and, if you’re lucky, a little juice left on your fingers for the ride home.

Everyone at Alex’s Fresh Kitchen, including Chef Alex Diaz, is extremely personable and welcoming. All they really want is to prepare you an awesome meal and to see how much you enjoy your order. Unlike many other restaurants in the area, you won’t find any televisions at Alex’s. This is because, in addition to allowing you to enjoy your food uninterrupted, this fosters a communal aspect and allows patrons to focus on what matters most; quality time with others and a break from technology. Chef Alex is at the forefront of elevated comfort cuisine and is easily rocking with the best in Central Florida.

The Rhythm & Brews BBQ Festival

We wanted to make sure we mentioned the upcoming Rhythm & Brews BBQ Festival that is taking place on May 13, 2023. This festival will be taking place from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm and Chef Alex will be competing in his first ever BBQ competition. If you’re looking for something fun to do, great beers, and even better food, go out and support Chef Alex, our local BBQ’ers and our local breweries.

What’s On The Menu At Alex’s Fresh Kitchen?

On the menu you’ll see lots of familiar faces. This of course is an illusion because Chef Alex is definitely serving up more than just your ordinary burgers, wraps, salads, etc. This is not your run of the mill culinary experience by any means. When you see the MAMBA Burger and the wrap with gouda and cheddar mac-n-cheese and in house smoked brisket, you’ll know what we mean.

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The MAMBA Burger With 24 Different Spices

Like a lot of us, Chef Alex is a Kobe Bryant fan. When the untimely tragedy took the NBA legend from our world a few short years ago, Chef Alex was determined to pay homage to one of the greatest to ever play the game of basketball. Chef Alex created the MAMBA Burger in honor of the Black Mamba himself. We’ve got to tell you; the Black Mamba would be proud. Kobe, Dubbed The Black Mamba, was a big fan of In-N-Out Burger. So, it’s only logical to honor Kobe with his very own 8 oz. black angus beef burger with 24 different spices; in memorial of his two different jersey numbers; 8 and 24.

Chef Alex didn’t stop there. As we said earlier, this isn’t just any old burger. This is a highly elevated take on a traditional burger and, quite frankly, what every burger should strive to be. Anyone can randomly throw 24 spices into some beef and luckily pull out 8 oz. to throw on the grill. Chef Alex isn’t just anyone. He’s the person that, not only PERFECTLY combined 24 spices for the MAMBA Burger, but also added fried pickles, fried jalapenos, garlic aioli, and a gouda cheese sauce that is to die for. When we picked up the MAMBA Burger for the first time, the juice was pouring out of it and pooling on our plate. As people who frequent the so called “Best Burger” spots all over Central Florida, we think it’s safe to say that Chef Alex may have just claimed that title and won’t be letting go of it anytime soon.

The Chicken And Waffles That Everyone Will Love

Okay, so, if you’ve read any of our other food reviews, you may remember that we are not big fans of sweets. There have been a few dishes that have changed our minds a bit, and one of those is Chef Alex’s chicken and waffles. Chef Alex’s chicken and waffles dish is wildly over the top, in the best way. No more cardboard waffles and bland fried chicken like we seem to find in most places around town. Chef Alex is absolutely killing it with super light and fluffy waffles and perfectly seasoned fried chicken fresh out of a buttermilk marinade. (If you’re a real fried chicken expert, you know that the only way to make fried chicken is with a buttermilk marinade.)

However, it doesn’t stop there. (You should have seen that coming.) Chef Alex has created a vanilla sauce with Madagascar vanilla along with infused maple syrup and then tops it all off with a caramel crunch. This is the best duo of salty and sweet that you can possibly get. We finally understand the delicate balance of the yin and the yang.

Of Course, There’s Beer…!

We do not have the biggest sweet tooth in the world but we do have a pretty big beer tooth. (It actually may be our biggest tooth.) Being the creative mind that he is, it would only make sense that while Chef Alex is creating his masterpieces, he’s also thinking of a great beer to pair with each dish. So, that’s what he did. Chef Alex searched around Florida and found some of the best craft and small batch beers that he could. These are beers that we have not seen before and that we probably can’t buy anywhere locally. Beers like the Hialeah Light Lager for example. So, if you’re after a fantastic burger and a great beer, stop by Alex’s Fresh Kitchen. You won’t be disappointed.

We Will Definitely Be Back

There aren’t many restaurants that are worth the drive. Alex’s Fresh Kitchen is not one of those places. We will be back to Alex’s very soon. If we ever move 30 minutes away, we’ll be driving to Alex’s. If we move to Montana and then visit family for the holidays once a year, our first stop will be Alex’s. Are you starting to see a trend?

Do yourself a favor. Make the decision to step out of your box. Whether you’re in Winter Park, Orlando, Baldwin Park, College Park, Oviedo, etc. and take a few extra minutes to go see Alex at Alex’s Fresh Kitchen. You’ll be glad that you broke out of your cycle of mundane food, whose only real benefit is convenience.  We bet you’ll create a new habit, maybe discover your new favorite dish, and probably make some new friends too.

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