Agave Azul Is Opening Its Newest Location

Agave Azul Is Opening Its Newest Location

Agave Azul is opening its newest location. Agave Azul is a popular Mexican restaurant chain in Central Florida. Recently, they’ve announced a new location in the metro Orlando area. Agave Azul locked in a grand opening date for another location that was built previously. Currently, Agave Azul has four locations with over 100 employees. They have recently leased a space in Maitland in the Trelago Market, which is under construction.

Agave Azul’s New Home

Trelago Market has announced multiple tenants for their new construction. However, there are three slots that remain for lease. The construction of the new restaurant space will produce chances for contractors and vendors during construction, as well as new full-time jobs upon opening.

Agave Azul will inhabit the Trelago Market’s 3,200-square-foot southern endcap space. Palta specified the space may see a slightly different take on Agave Azul’s concept. Formerly, Agave Azul CEO Juan Rios indicated to local sources that Agave Azul was considering a fast-casual take on its idea, which typically has been a more traditional sit-down restaurant arrangement. We’re still not sure exactly when the new Maitland location will open.

The Trelago Market

The Trelago Market construction includes it 65,000-square-foot anchor, 14,000 square feet of in-line space next to the anchor and two outer spaces. Recent marketing materials show other tenants have signed on including The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill, Sport Clips, Noire Nails, Mandola’s Italian Kitchen, and Foxtail Coffee. The anchor tenant is believed to be an Amazon Fresh grocery store, however, that has not been confirmed by the landowner or Amazon.

There has been some anxiety about the state of Amazon Fresh’s nationwide rollout, among reports of a pause in store openings and “zombie” stores that appear ready to open but have remained unused for some time.

Anyway, the procurement of a recognized local restaurant brand like Agave Azul should benefit Trelago Market in terms of foot traffic.

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Agave Azul Is Preparing

Meanwhile, American restauranteurs, such as Agave Azul, are prepping for a mixed-economic setting. Higher prices have roughly 50% of restauranteurs expecting to make less money in 2023 than they did in 2022.

“The restaurant industry is ending the year in an environment that’s the most typical since 2019,” Hudson Riehle, senior vice president of Research for the National Restaurant Association, said. “Moderate but positive employment growth across the economy and elevated consumer spending in restaurants will allow the restaurant industry to kick off 2023 on a more optimistic note than the last few years, but operators remain braced for potential challenges in the new year.”

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